Ilustrado: Malolos Heritage Cuisine (Kulinarya Kalayaan 2012)

Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

Old ruins, elegant Spanish houses, brick roads and churches as old as time are the things we remember when we hear of Intramuros.   Within the heart of Manila is Ilustrado, one of the grandest Spanish home that enchants its visitors through its luxurious Spanish fine dining ambiance, heart-warming hospitality and delectable Filipino and Spanish cuisine.  

Allow Ilustrado's facade to woo you into the rich historical past of Intramuros.  Everything is encapsulated and preserved throughout the years.

For romantic dinner and formal meetings, Ilustrado's fine dining is one of the best options around.  

For banquets and luncheons, Ilustrado sure knows how to throw the most elegant party that will please all of your guests.  The function area has beautiful lightings, Spanish windows, lush lounges, and more.  Tables are covered in detailed table clothes with exquisite center-pieces.  

To commemorate our independence that was celebrated on June 12, 1898 which happened on the same year as the Malolos Convention, Ilustrado offers the Malolos Heritage Cuisine for the entire month from May 29, 2012 to July 15, 2012.

Ilustrado has partnered with Malolos-based artist, historian and food expert, Dez Bautista to ensure in-depth  training, knowledge and guidance in the offerings.  Dez Bautista traces his lineage to the Bautista clan which is well-known and respect in Malolos.  His ancestral home in Malolos is a famous historical landmark built in 1855 and reconstructed in 1877.  It is to this day, a neoclassical masterpiece.

stuffed squid merienda de prayle hamonadong sugpo
Stuffed Squid Supreme (Binusog na Pusit) (395 php), Merienda de Prayle (Kesong Puti at Kinilaw na Bangus) (320 php) and  ♥ Hamonadong Sugpo (420 php). (Clockwise)
The Stuffed Squid Supreme is tender squid filled with various ingredients.  The Merienda de Prayle were famous afternoon snacks during the Spanish era.  It is a kinilaw na bangus sandiwched within kesong puti.  The Hamonadong Sugpo are sweet glazed prawns that are soft and succulent.

malolos chowder  sinuuwam na mais
 Malolos Chowder (250 php) and Sinuuwam na Mais (220 php)
The Malolos Chowder is one of the most bountiful soups I have ever encountered.  With loadful of seafood and Japanese sweet corn, it explodes with sweet creamy goodness.  On the other hand, the Sinuuwam na Mais is chowder with local white corn.

Main Course
apahap de paterno
Apahap de Paterno (Apahap Royale) (850 php for two)
The Apahap de Paterno is named after Pedor Paterno who loves this steamed fish with chopped vegetables.  The flavorings are light so you can appreciate the natural taste of the Apahap.

rellenong manok ni joseling
Rellenong Manok ni Joseling (Chicken Relleno) (1,450 php for four)
TheRellenong Manok ni Joseling is a must in every Malolos occasion.  It is a whole deboned chicken stuffed with ground pork spiced with fragrant bell peppers, finely chopped carrorts and onions, sweet raisins and more.  

rellenong manok ni joseling
Pastel de Frayle (Chicken Pastel) (420 php)
The Pastel de Frayle contains chicken cubes, diced button mushrooms and carrot and potato bits drenched in cream and buttermilk.  It is served with a golden brown pie crust on its top.

hamon de hacienda
 Hamon de Hacienda (320 php)
The Hamon de Hacienda is one of the best Malolos dishes I have ever tried.  Praise-worthy is its taste, texture and even its three-day preparation.  The tender pork belly is mixed with prague powder for three days.  On the third day, it is boiled with pineapple juice setting aside the drippings for its sauce.  Back then, only the Hacienderos (sugar barons) were made accustomed to its lavish taste.  Fortunately, Ilustrado has offered this for us to try.

pata malolena
 Pata Malolena (Humba) (795 php for two)
Pork hind legs slowly boiled to unleash its maximum tenderness.  It is paired with banana flowers that provides a sweet and salty taste.

morcon plaridel
Morcon Plaridel (550 php)
A dish worthy to be named after a great hero named Marcelo H. del Pilar is the Morcon Plaridel.  It is thinly sliced beef tenderloin rolled with Chorizo de Bilbao and carrots.

bringheng malolos
Bringheng Malolos (495 php for two)
The Bringheng Malolos is a pre-hispanic version of what we presently know as paella.  Bringhe is rice cooked in tumeric and coconut milk.  It is topped with raisins, carrots an egg.

Lumpiang Kastila (210 php)
The Lumpiang Kastila is mix of meat and vegetables rolled in a wrapper and deep fried.

 Lorettos Leche Flan con Manga
 Loretto's Leche Flan con Manga (140 php)
Loretto's Leche Flan con Manga is no ordinary leche flan.  It is enhanced by our riped Philippine mangoes.  

Senorita Guava
 Senorita Guava (175 php)
The Senorita Guava are small but tasty Bayabas Tagalog that are caramelized and filled with sweet, pure and fresh Carabao's milk. 

Malolos Pride
Malolos' Pride (195 php)
The Malolos' Pride has a nice tangerine and acrid flavor contrasted with the sweet and smooth pastillas to produce a comforting balance.  

My Plates
ilustrado food
Main Course
ilustrado food
My Desserts
The specialty beverage of Ilustrado known as the Pandan Tea is a must try!  

Home-Made Ice Cream
sampaguita ice cream
  Sampaguita Ice Cream
We also go to try the Sampaguita Ice Cream with an ambrosial taste of the sampaguita combined with the rich and creamy vanilla ice cream that is sure to allure to your taste buds.  All of us are looking forward to try more of their ice cream flavors.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Ilustrado's Malolos Heritage Cuisine is a gateway to a whole new experience and at the same time a blast to the past.  Avail of this rare opportunity while you can. =D  

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Business Hours Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Service Charge
Budget/Person 2,800
Free WiFi Yes
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