Kuppa Roastery & Cafe: Freshly Roasted Third Wave Coffee and More!

When The Foodies Circle was invited for the first time for a taste test at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe, we were all so excited!  When I first caught sight of Kuppa after our dinner at Basty's (see previous entry), I already felt that it was a great place to try and I was right!

To those who are unfamiliar with Kuppa Roastery & Cafe, here is something I got from their brochure...
"Kuppa (pronounced as cup-pa) originated from a family who knows coffee.  It took them around 60 years to make their first cup starting form their grand father who started his roasting business after World War I.   Their first branch in Bacolod opened in January 2006 in the same lot where the Lo family started the roasting business."

Even with their expansion in the Fort, the family is very hands-on in handling their business.  To ensure the consistency in quality, some of the family members are here in Metro Manila to oversee the operations.

kuppa roastery and cafe
Kuppa Roastery & Cafe is located just beside Floring's (see previous entry).  It has a huge area space covering two floors.  On the first floor, there's an area with high stools and a casual cafe set up with lounges.  On the second floor, they had a large executive type function area. 

We had the first impression that Kuppa being a cafe had more beverage options than food.  We were proven wrong as they have an extensive of food selections.

insalata kuppa
Insalata Kuppa (240 php)
The Insalata Kuppa is an organic salad with fresh greens, grapes, candied walnuts, arugula and bits of blue cheese drizzled with reduced balsamic dressing.  This salad is light yet fulfilling.  I enjoyed the generous amount of blue cheese in it.

margherita pizza
Margherita Pizza (280 php)
The Margherita Pizza is actually one of the most popular pizza in the world.  In 1889, this pizza holding the colors of the Italian flag: red (tomato sauce), white (mozzarella cheese) and green (basil) was served to Queen Margherita in Italy and was named after her ever since.  Kuppa's basil was really fresh and flavorful that it made the pizza quite enjoyable.  

cristina pizza
Cristina Pizza (360 php)
Cristina Pizza is Kuppa's signature pizza with mozzarella, balsamic, gorgonzola, figs and grapes.  I find this pizza a blend of many flavors: zesty mozzarella and gorgonazola, fragrant balsamic and sweet figs and grapes.  It was pretty good but I'd prefer if their blend of tomato sauce is a bit tangy rather than sweet.

fruitti di mare pasta
♥ Fruitti Di Mare Pasta (240 php)
In ordering the Fruitti Di Mare Pasta, you can opt for tomato, cream or oil base.  We were able to try both the cream and oil base.  They were equally good but it really depends on your preference.  I liked the cream more because I'm not a fan of oil based.  The Fruitti Di Mare Pasta is a pasta with an overwhelming amount of seafood: shrimps, clams, salmon bits and calamari.

prosciutto and pumpkin sandwich
♥ Prosciutto and Pumpkin Sandwich (265 php)
We, Tsinoy Foodies, adored the Prosciutto and Pumpkin Sandwich.  The ciabatta was consistently crunchy and there is a great balance between the hint of pesto, salty prosciutto and the sweet mashed pumpkin.  

ham and jam sandwich
Ham and Jam Sandwich (265 php)
The Ham and Jam Sandwich also carried a great medley of flavors with its smoked ham, brie and raspberry jam.  As with the Prosciutto and Pumpkin Sandwich, the ciabatta is perfectly crunchy.  

New Menu Items
The Salpicao is beef tenderloin with button mushrooms sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and garlic.  The beef cubes were really tender and flavorful.

lamb caldereta
♥ Lamb Caldereta (580 php)
The Lamb Caldereta is a delicious classic Spanish Caldereta cooked Kuppa's style.  The lamb is savory and tender.  It didn't have any gamey taste at all.  It had potatoes and a great quantity of olives.  

salmon with cream sauce
♥ Salmon with Cream Sauce
The Salmon with Cream Sauce is a pan-seared salmon fillet with creamy spinach sauce. The creamy spinach sauce is so delicious that I think it's the perfect complement for the moist pan-seared salmon fillet.

crispy pata
♥ Crispy Pata Sharing (580 php)
The Crispy Pata is perfectly crispy on the outside and the meat falls of the bone.  It comes with three kinds of sauces.  

gyokuro, jasmine dragon pearl, fruit tisanes and red wine
Gyokuro (140 php), Jasmine Dragon Pearl (95 php) , ♥ Casablanca Mint (125 php), 
Fruit Tisanes and Red Wine (150 php)
Japanese Green Tea
The Gyokuro is the finest Japanese Green Tea which has a smooth and sweet taste.  It's quite a strong tea with its distinct taste. 

Chinese Tea
The Jasmine Dragon Pearl is a high-grade tea rolled into little balls and scented with jasmine flowers.  You will find this very soothing.

Herbal Tisane 
The Casablanca Mint is a mix of green tea, peppermint and lemon grass.  This gives a cooling effect because of the peppermint.

Fruit Tisane
Kurt had the Berry Patch Delight (130 php) are infusions from raspberries, hibiscus, elderberries, grapes, blueberries and blackcurrant.  It tasted similar to a mixed berry juice.

I had the Evelyn's Garden (130 php) which are infused from apples, rosehips, citrus peels and sunflower.  We were surprised that despite the difference in ingredients, it had the same color as the Berry Patch Delight but had a lighter shade.  It tasted dominantly of rosehips and citrus peels which is a bit zesty and fragrant.

Coffee Pairing with Dessert
It was suggested that we pair coffee with their desserts.  Let me share them with you.
As expected from a roastery, Kuppa roasts its coffee beans to ensure freshness.  The coffee is then served in a French coffee press.

Hineleban Coffee with Apple Tart
apple tart
Apple Tart (115 php)
We paired the strong and aromatic ♥ Hineleban Coffee with the Apple Tart.  It was a great pair because the strength of the Hineleban Coffee is contrasted by the natural sweetness of apples.

Ethiopan Yergacheffe with Matt's Chocolate Cake
matt's chocolate cake
Matt's Chocolate Cake (130 php)
I find the ♥ Ethiopan Yergacheffe a bit more sophisticated and scented.  It has a zing of spiciness, a bit of citrus taste and some nuttiness.  It goes well with the really moist Matt's Chocolate Cake that's oozing with molten chocolate from the middle.  

Ben's Cappucino with Strawberry Kiss
bens cappuccino and strawberry kiss
 Ben's Cappucino (80 php) and Strawberry Kiss
Ben's Cappucino is smooth and creamy with a nutty taste.  Judging from the look, you can see how perfect the crema (foam) is.  I enjoyed this!  We paired it with Strawberry Kiss which is simply fresh strawberries with sweetened cream atop a chiffon base.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Kuppa Roastery & Cafe is a great place for family and friends to hang out and enjoy good beverages and food.  I would definitely love to come back and enjoy a meal with my family here.  It offers a nice ambiance and their pricing is within the industry standard too.

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Kuppa Roastery & Cafe
Business Address
Commerce Center Bldg. 
31st St. corner 4th Ave. 
Fort Bonifacio Global City, 
Taguig, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Thurs; Sun: 7am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 7am-12mn
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 120-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 623-5120
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