Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink at Glorietta 4 Food Court

After our light snack at Macolm's Burger (see previous entry), we, Tsinoy Foodies, decided to hang out at Glorietta.  Since we got thristy, we search the nearby Glorietta 4 Food Court for a new beverage we have yet to try.  Believe it or not, we find the Glorietta 4 Food Court an exciting place to discover new food and drinks when we are in Glorietta.  =)  A booth that caught our attention is Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink.

At first, we thought Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink was already closed because there was no one there.  But, as we went closer... tada! pops out ate who was just under the counters. =D

Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink has three size varieties indicated by numbers size 2, size 4 and size 6.  (Their sizes reminds me of clothes sizes lol)  

 Thai Milk Tea Size 6 (85 php)
Since their best seller is the Thai Milk Tea, we ordered two size 6 of those.  I like the flavor but I found it too sweet for my taste.  I enjoyed the grass jelly though.  

 Thai Milk Tea Size 6 (85 php)
When I bought again at the SM Manila branch, I found out that you can adjust the sugar level.  I had mine at 50% and it was perfect!   Their Thai Milk Tea is fragrant and bold in terms of flavor.

I was able to try Jelly G again and I seem to have missed something... Unlike other milk tea brands, Jelly G offers their milk teas in tasty smoothie form with crushed ice so its really cool to drink! 

SM Manila Branch is also already closed.  But, they opened a new branch at Festival Mall.  They also have one in Market! Market! by the escalator on the fourth floor. (Yes! I buy whenever I can.@_@)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink offers delicious tea, fruit juice and coffee variants with grass jelly at an affordable price.  If you enjoy the taste of Thai Milk Tea, you should try Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink's version.  I can't wait to try their other flavors.  

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Jelly G Grass Jelly Drink Glorietta 4 
Business Address Glorietta 4 Food Court
Glorietta, Ayala Center 
Makati City, Metro Manila 
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
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Contact (02) 895-8656
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