Garage88 Bar and Diner: 12 Wheeler Burger and More!

Garage88 Bar and Diner can be found at the Karport in Bonifacio Global City.  Now, I don't know why we ended up visiting Garage88 Bar and Diner.  This is the first time I went to a bar with my cool family. =)

garage 88
Garage88 is located on the second floor literally above the garages.  Since its in a garage, there a lot of parking available which is good since the place is not convenient for commuting.

garage 88
Garage88 has a simple bar with cozy couches and tables where you can hang out and chill.  It has a simple and laid back atmosphere.  

garage 88
Due to unavailability of the table inside, we had to enjoy Al Fresco dining and drinking which had showed less sophistication.


twelve weller burger
12 Wheeler Burger (888 php)
twelve weller burger
12 Wheeler Burger (888 php)
The highlight of the 12 Wheeler Burger is its size.  It was 12 inches in diameter.  The first thing I noticed upon grabbing a slice is its thick buns.  Especially, the edge up where there is no more fillings.  It felt like eating tasteless bread.  The burger patty is thin.  But, it was still flavorful because of the cheese sauce, chili con carne, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onions.  

Garage Bites
fish and sticks
♥ Fish and Sticks (188 php)
I swear this is the one of best Fish and Sticks I have ever tried!  The light sweet beer taste, the crispiness of the fried batter and the soft juicy fish fillet inside is superb!  We just couldn't get enough of this that we ordered this twice. 

Cocktails Glass/Pitcher
long island iced tea
Long Island Iced Tea (188 php)
Well, this Long Island Iced Tea is no different from other iced tea in my book. 
Tequila Sunrise (108 php)
The Tequila Sunrise is the perfect ladies drink for the night.  It's my favorite cocktail so I picked it first hand from the menu.  I'm very happy with my choice since it had a nice blend of sweet and zesty orange juice that mellows down the taste of tequila.  It was a pleasure to drink this on a cool night. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Garage 88 Bar and Diner serves hands down on of the best  Fish and Sticks we've tried.  The 12 Wheeler Burger is good to order for the experience because not every burger joint serves a huge burger you can share with your peers.  Although the place may not be spacious but its a good chilling spot.  We're looking forward to trying out more of their food and drinks on our next visit!

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Garage 88 Bar and Diner
Business Address
2/F Karport, 32nd St., Fort 
Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Monday-Saturday 6pm-2am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 150-400
Contact (02) 842-7243 (8-GARAGE)
Other  Email: Website | Facebook Fan Page 
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