Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine: Home of the Authentic Japanese Katsu (Makati)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Have you ever heard of the Modern Japanese culture of eating "Katsu" before an exam?  Since we are in the Philippines, it is not a popularly known.  In fact, our family only came to know about it from my younger sister who invited us on the night before her Medical Specialization Exam to have a  dinner at Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine.

tonkatsuya japanese cuisine  
This "Katsu" tradition  is not based on something deep and sensical.  The tradition was just made up because "Katsu" is a homophone of the Japanese words "To Win." Yet, this fun and light tradition seems to serve two (2) purposes: 
(1) frees the exam taker from the pressure that may be brought about the forthcoming exam
(2) affords the family and friends the opportunity to gather and have a supportive meal celebration for the exam taker

tonkatsuya japanese cuisine makati

The 3-car slot parking space in front of the restaurant was fully unoccupied which made us a bit hesitant to try it.  As we peeked through its clear glass windows, we already judged it as a small hole-in-the-wall Japanese "shokudo" (Japanese casual restaurant that serves various types of dishes).  

Given that we were already there and read its highly rated reviews, we decided to go and push through our Katsu tradition there.
tonkatsuya shokudo  
The entrance is located at the side (requiring you to enter the building).

tonkatsuya japanese dining  
Upon stepping in, we all felt that we have come to the perfect place for the occasion.  It's the type of "shokudo" you'd want to frequent when you're in the neighborhood.  The price is very affordable and you can feel the personal touch of the owners from just by observing the dishes posters  randomly plastered around the store, the paper crafted decors and various toys and displays.

However, it appears to have no space for us to dine.  Most of the tables were only for four (4) while we were a group of six (6).  But, to our surprise, the staff led us into a private room with floor seating.  It allowed us to closely eat together making it an intimate family dinner to remember. 
tomy pop up pirate game
Tomy Pop-Up Pirate Game
We entertained ourselves with the toy provided for our table.

hot hand towels
After our orders were taken, we were provided some hot hand towels and ...

complimentary tea
complimentary cold or hot tea.

Japanese drinks 
Because of the complimentary tea, we opted not to order the Japanese drinks.

complimentary miso soup
Complimentary Miso Soup
This is our first time to be served a Complimentary Miso Soup with prawn heads.  We loved the idea of the prawn heads complimenting the miso with a wonderful sweet flavor.

Tonkatsuya does not only specialize in Tonkatsu, it has a huge selection of various Japanese dishes.
Takoyaki 6 pcs. (180 php)
This Takoyaki is a must try!

kajiki maguro sword tuna
Kajiki Maguro Sword Tuna (250 php)
As you can see from its Kajiki Maguro Sword Tuna, despite the affordable price, the ingredients it uses are fresh and of quality.

Tonkatsu Meals
tonkatsu set
Tonkatsu Set (240 php)
As we were there for a katsu tradition, we all ordered katsu meals and we were so glad we did!  Indeed, Tonkatsuya serves the best katsu for within this price range!

cheese tonkatsu set
Cheese Tonkatsu Set (190 php)
The katsu is so hearty!  There is no hint of oiliness.  The katsu batter is so light, thin and crisp.  Each bite will allow you to feel a quick crunch before your tongue because delighted by the soft and juicy pork bits. 

hire ni set
Hire Ni Set (310 php)
You can't go wrong with any of its Katsu sets.   The Hire Ni Set with egg on top is another perfect dish to try!

hire miso set
Hire Miso Set (290 php)
The blend of the miso in the Hire Miso Set isn't overpowering.  It keeps you wanting to have more of it.

Curry Rice
hirekatsu curry set
Hirekatsu Curry Set (290 php)
The Hirekatsu Curry Set is probably the one that least stood out among our katsu orders.  But, if you like having curry, then by all means go for it.

mechi katsu set
Menchi Katsu Set (300 php)
While the Menchi Katsu Set looks least embellished, it is packed with satisfying flavors.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine is definitely one of the top choices we would recommend for katsu!  We look forward to our next visit or delivery order from this place.

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Tonkatsuya Japanese Cuisine
Business Address Lower Ground Floor, Palm Towers, Saint Paul Street, 
San Antonio, Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 250-700
Free WiFi No
Contact (+632) 8-896-19-90

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