Natalna Grille: Secret Beach Front Diner (San Fernando La Union)

Our food stop at Natalna Grille is brought about by the extensive research and planning of my very dependable work senior. 

natalna grille la union

We all love surprises so no one really bothered to check the place out beforehand.  So we had no clue on what was waiting for us beyond this small gate. 

natalna grille  
Outside the sun was harsh.  Stepping inside into its spacious and well-decorated dining area gave us instant comfort.  

natalna grille beach front
As expected from our senior, being sufficiently sheltered is not enough for us.  She reserved the special beach front al fresco cottage area for us. 

natalna grille table set up
The table wares were already set up upon our arrival.

natalna grille beach la union
The beach was not as scenic as those you can expect from a beach resorts.  But, we could still enjoy the fresh sea breeze and hear the enchanting waves.

If you listen closely to the sound of the waves, you'll discover that the pattern of the waves of every beach is different and unique.  That alone offers a unique experience each time.


Calamares (150 php)
There's no gathering where the Calamares with spicy vinegar dip isn't welcomed. Hence, it was the perfect choice for our starter.

sinigang bangus belly
Sinigang Bangus Belly (225 php)
Of all our orders, it is evident from the big bowl of Sinigang Bangus Belly that it is the most bang-for-the-buck.  The serving portion is generous with huge chunks of bangus belly and lots of vegetables.

Grilled Seafoods
tuna belly
Tuna Belly (195 php)
When by the sea, its only natural to order fish so we ordered Tuna Belly.  The Tuna Belly is so tender and tasty.  Wishing this was bigger in portion! 

Grilled Pork
Pulpog (170 php)
Since we came all the way from Manila to La Union, we were eager to order its local dishes like the Pulpog.   The Pulpog is pork belly grilled over charcoal so it carried a smoky and bitterish flavor. 

Dinakdakan (170 php)
Dinakdakan is an exotic dish of the Ilocos Region which uses boiled then charcoal grilled parts of a pig's face or "mascara" and liver .   This one is authentic version which makes use of the pigs brain that gives off a distinct sour taste that blends well with the calamansi dressing.

Grilled Beef
lengua with brown sauce
Lengua with Brown Sauce (225 php)
The Lengua with Brown Sauce is lengua with not-so-creamy gravy.  As you can see, the gravy appears in jelly like chunks.

Pinakbet (195 php)
The Pinakbet is tomato-based with a hint of shrimp paste.  The vegetables used were all fresh and cooked with crunchiness.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We're glad to discover and share that Natalna Grille offers a very relaxing beach front dining experience by serving homey local dishes. 

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Natalna Grille
Business Address Pagudpod, San Vicente Rd, San Fernando, La Union, Philippines
Business Hours 11am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 150-400
Free WiFi No
Contact (6372) 619-2846

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