Amici and Caramia Secret Ube Menu and More

It has been five years since I last posted about Amici!  That is a long time ago so a revisit and an update of its new menu is only proper.  

smoked salmon dip
Smoked Salmon Dip (390 php)
Since dishes are freshly prepared at Amici, its a wise choice to order their dips that you can munch on while waiting for your main course.  When it comes to dips, my favorite is the spinach and artichoke.  But, when I tried the Smoked Salmon Dip, I feel that my favorite has a new contender.  I may order this again next time.

creamy tomato soup
Creamy Tomato Soup (195 php/bowl)
The Creamy Tomato Soup is not a usual offering so I was really intrigued by it.  It tanginess gave a refreshing kickstart for the palette.  The warmth and creaminess was an instant comfort to the tongue.

chorizo puttanesca
Chorizo Puttanesca (725 php)
I can imagine the Chorizo Puttanesca being a popular choice.  Its flavorful yet not overwhelming.

salmone affumicato
Salmone Alffumicato (780 php/grande)
Salmon lovers rejoice!  The Salmone Alffumicato is the perfect salmon pasta!  The salmon taste was brought out wonderfully!

italian seafood rice
Italian Seafood Rice (395 php)
Surprising to find the Italian Seafood Rice to be my top pick!  Just look at the generous amount of seafood!  I especially appreciated the scallops.

amici salami and bleu cheese pizza
Salami and Bleu Cheese Pizza (525 php)
I absolutely loved the Salami and Bleu Cheese Pizza!  I usually pass up on salami as cold cuts selection but I enjoyed it on Amici's pizza.

Secret Menu
ube cake ala mode
Ube Cake and Ube Gelato (195 php)
Who would have thought that double Ube work?  The Ube Cake (135 php) and Ube Gelato Scoop (95 php) eaten together ala mode style works wonderfully!  Order them both as a secret menu and save 35 php!

New Gelato Flavors
Dulce De Leche (95 php)
For those who crave for the sweet caramel bliss, the Dulce De Leche is for you.

Vanilla (95 php)
The Vanilla is a classic.  Whenever I don't feel like trying out other flavors, I always go for Vanilla.  Wonder if others appreciate it the way I do.

Ube (95 php)
If there's an Ube option, that's definitely my choice!  If on the go, I'd get a cup but if dine-in, the cake and gelato combo I shared about is the best!

So there you go!  The secret is out!  Hope you get to try it.  Happy with the other new offerings as well.  I'm definitely coming back so expect some of that on my IG feeds and post.

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