Concha's Garden Cafe: A Visit Due to Alden Richards (Cliffhouse Tagaytay City)

I'm not really a fan girl type. But when I uploaded a post about Aldub on my Youtube channel which gained over 500,000 views and almost 100 comments, I have to acknowledge the power of fandom.  In fact, my close friend in law school happens to be a huge Alden fan.  And, it was through her that I discovered about Concha's Garden Cafe.

conchas garden cafe
Look Alden welcomes you to dine at Concha's Garden Cafe.

taal lake tagaytay
Aside from a good view of Alden, Cliffhouse Tagayatay offers a good view of the Taal Lake.  

conchas garden cafe
During our visit on a weekend lunch time, it was packed with families, group of friends and couples. 

conchas garden cafe


conchas garden salad
Concha's Garden Salad (260 php)
When I think of Garden Cafe, I think of two things: veggies and coffee.  So I though of ordering their salad.  Here's the Concha's Garden Salad with overcooked hard-boiled egg, pungent onions, cucumber , tomatoes, lettuce and honey-mustard dressing.  Considering that this is in Tagaytay, I'd say there are better places to order a salad. 

tokwa at baboy
Tokwa at Baboy (230 php)
The Tokwa at Baboy was pretty good!  It had a lot of garlic which I appreciated.

Main Course
grilled tanigue
Grilled Tanigue (300 php)
For an ordinary Grilled Tanigue dish, I'd say that the price is too much.  But since I was hungry, I finished this in a jiffy.

Cold Drinks
lemon cucumber shake
Lemon Cucumber (180 php)
 For drinks, I had the Lemon Cucumber.  I liked this among all our orders. =)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Not sure if it was just the Cliffhouse branch but for now Concha's Garden Cafe has failed to meet my least expectations so I probably wouldn't try it again.  Well, that is subject to change of course... like if Alden in person is there by the entrance. =D  But kidding aside, the food could still be improved.  The service isn't so good either.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Concha's Menu
Ambiance Appetizer | Salad | Ensaladas |
Filipino Breakfast | American Breakfast |
Chicken | Pork 1 | Pork 2 |
Sandwiches | Dessert 1 | Dessert 2 |
Cold Drinks 1 | Cold Drinks 2 | Hot Drinks | Liquor | 
=Favorites or Recommended 
Concha's Garden Cafe Cliffhouse
Business Address Richland Hills Subdivision 1, Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road, 
Puting Kahoy, Tagaytay City
Business Hours Weekdays: 10am-10pm
Weekends: 7:30 am- 10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-800
Free WiFi No
Contact (0932) 591-0444
Other  Website
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Salo Food Park: 3-Storey Colorful Food Spot at the Heart of Manila (Malate Manila)

Last May 11, I attended the Grand Opening of Salo Food Park.  To be honest, it wasn't my first time.  It was such a cool place so I've checked it out before.  

salo food park
But there are still many food joints to try that I was as excited to go as my first time.  

salo food park
Aside from the food and drinks, I'm enchanted by the bright colorful lights, graffiti arts and industrial architecture. 

salo food park
It's a great place to chill with friends and family.

salo food park
It could also be a good dating spot.  

salo food park
And according to a client, this is his ideal place for solitary dinning.  As you all know, I've always shared with you about eating out with the company of friends and family.  I always looks at eating as a social activity.  But, I guess it could also be a comforting way to spend some time alone.  

Goto Monster
goto monster
Happy to see a familiar food joint.  I have shared about Goto Monster before.  

goto monster
Happy to try one of their new Ice Cream Pop flavor : Mango Sticky Rice which was really good!  

Otora looks really good!  I'll try that on my next visit!

Salo Bites
salo bites
Potato chip munchers would not be able to resist the Salted Egg Chips from Salo Bites.

A food bar that needs no introduction is Ersao.  Their Spicy Squid is a family favorite since my high school years.

One of my most favorite Japanese snacks is Takoyaki.  Too bad my visit was always set for dinner.  

Sugba has a lot of grilled options.  

sugba grill
You can see that they are fresh off the grill.
chorizo de cebu
Chorizo de Cebu (99 php)
For less than a 100 bucks, you already have a lot of options.

sinugbang hipon
Sinugbang Hipon (99 php)
During work lunch, my work mates discuss random things.  Thanks to them I got to learn that Shrimp and Prawns don't different in size but in five ways: body form, body shape, claw-like legs, gills and eggs.  

bulad platter
Bulad Platter (99 php)
The Bulad Platter is a mix of dried fishes.  I just learned while ordering that Bulad means dried fish in Cebuano.

Hyun's Table Project
hyuns table project

The ChurroBing is an interesting food concept because it combines the Spanish Churros and Korean Bingsu.  They also have other Korean fusion dishes.  

churros ice cream
Milk Ice Cream with Long Churros (130 php)
I loved the Milk Ice Cream with Long Churros!  It's better than having the usual chocolate dip.  

shake shake kani salad
Shake ! Shake ! Kani Salad
The Shake ! Shake ! Kani Salad made eating something so healthy so much fun.  I didn't think Udon could be eaten deliciously with some greens.  

Above Sea Level
above sea level
I heard their Giant Butterfly Squid is a must try.

Amigos Filmex Cantina
amigos filmex
I'm intrigued by the FilMex concept of Amigos.

beef and cheese quesadillas
Beef and Cheese Quesadillas (180 php)
The Beef and Cheese Quesadillas was good.  I hope to try their Burritos next time.

salo food park

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
There are no place in Malate like Salo Food Park.  With so many schools and offices nearby, I'm sure they are happy to have this colorful food spot to hang out at.

Salo Food Park
562 J. Nakpil Street,
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

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Asunaro Japanese Restaurant: Our Most Loved Japanese Restaurant (Pan Pacific Hotel Manila)

The family has had thousands of dinner celebrations.  But, except for our own homes, none of them are as special as Asunaro that gets to be our chosen dining venue for more than once.  

asunaro japanese restaurant
Whether it's for a casual after-spa dinner, mother's day and birthday, Asunaro has always been a recurring option for the family.  We've been dining here since its former Miyabi days.  Thus, I could safely conclude that its the extended family's most loved Japanese Restaurant. 

asunaro japanese restaurant
Like our family, the place has undergone a lot of changes.  But, I think their interior right now is the best.  Hence, only sharing about them just now. (Good excuse for my delinquency right?)

asunaro japanese restaurant
I find it to be very in tuned with nature.


Ala Carte
sake salmon sashimi
Sake (Salmon) (150 php)
harasu sashimi
 Harasu (Fatty Flesh of Salmon Belly) (350 php)
A must order at Asunaro is their fresh salmon sashimi.  Whether its Sake (Salmon) or the Harasu (Fatty Flesh of Salmon Belly), you can always count on its freshness.  

uni sea urchin sashimi
 Uni (Sea Urchin) (250 php)
Another favorite of ours that great for sharing is the Uni (Sea Urchin).

iradori maki
Iradori Maki (380 php)
The Iradori Maki  is a tuna and salmon california maki with  mango and crabsticks.

kani ebi tempura maki
Kani Ebi Tempura Maki (280 php)
The Kani Ebi Tempura Maki is a fun choice because of their great tempura bits.

Special Menu
maguro cube spicy sashimi
♥ Maguro Cube Spicy Sashimi (280 php)
The Maguro Cube Spicy Sashimi is one of the best spicy tuna in the Metro.  Perhaps, I prefer this more than Nihonbashitei's.

chicken teriyaki
 Chicken Teriyaki (260 php)
The Chicken Teriyaki is light-tasting and very tender just the way I like it.

ebi tempura
Ebi Tempura (Prawn Tempura) (430 php)
You can already tell by its visual appeal that the Ebi Tempura (Prawn Tempura)  is top-notch.

Family Menu
family kaki nabe
Family Kaki Nabe (1,850 php)
Out of all I've tried at Asunaro, I believe that the Family Kaki Nabe is quite expensively priced.  Though the oysters were huge, it is not strikingly extraordinary for the price.  

family yakiniku
 Family Yakiniku (1,200 php)
Since the guys in the family are practically carnivores, the Family Yakiniku is a must on our dining table.

Dinner Set Menu
mini yakiniku set
We always opt for the set menu or bento because it is the most bang-for-the-buck.  

asunaro bento

asunaro bento

asunaro bento

asunaro bentoThere are many other options to choose from.  Budget is around 1,000 and above but can be shared between ladies. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Asunaro Japanese Restaurant is our family's most loved Japanese restaurant and no doubt it will always be. 

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Asunaro Japanese Restaurant Menu
Ambiance  Appetizer |  Maki and Temaki Sushi | Maki |
Ala carte | Chirashi sushi |
Sashimi | Sashimi ala carte | Sushi |
Kaiseki Course | Dinner Set Menu | Dinner Bento |
Vegetable Menu | Vegetable 2 | Agemono | Nimono |
 Donburi | Menrui | Robotayaki |  |
 Special Menu |  Special Menu 2 |
 Special Menu 3 |  Special Menu 4 | Family Menu |
 Family Menu 2 |  Family Menu 3 |
Robotayaki | Beer Match |
Teppanyaki | Curry Rice | Extra | Dessert | Kids Menu |
=Favorites or Recommended 
Asunaro Japanese Restaurant
Business Address Level 1, Pan Pacific Manila, M. Adriatico Corner Gen. Malvar Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11:45 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-2,000
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 318-0788
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