Eleven.8 Cafe, Bar and Restaurant: Now Open For Breakfast, Meetings and More (Quezon City)

It's been awhile since I've discovered a new joint so I was all in to check out Eleven.8 Cafe, Bar and Restaurant upon invite. 
eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
Eleven.8 Cafe, Bar and Restaurant is located at the ground floor of Pacific Global Hospitality Institute (PGHI) Hotel.  One of the co-owners is a chef and instructor so I was really looking forward to the food.  According to the owners, they aim to be a cafe, breakfast place, meeting place venue, chill place at night and even a cooking lecture venue.

eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
The place is very simple and laid back.

eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
We were served the typical bar chows.  Frankly, my expectation were not met.  Even by the simple color of these fries, I  could tell they used re-used oil.


eleven8 cafe bar and restaurant

eleven8 cafe bar and restaurant

eleven8 cafe bar restaurant

eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
I really have nothing much to say about the food.  The meat did not have anything spectacular in terms of taste but at least they were tender.  I feel the execution wasn't as ironed out as it should be.  The pasta was overcooked and soggy.


eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
But, the drinks were a hit!
eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
I'd say the it was worth the trip just for the drinks.  
eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
All the blends were smooth and addictive!
eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
Both ladies and gentlemen will enjoy all their selections.
eleven8 cafe bar restaurant
Yes, I'd recommend having some of their drinks while listening to a few gigs on a weekend night.

Eleven.8 Cafe, Bar and Restaurant Menu
Appetizers | Burgers | Salad | Sandwich |
Must Try | Tilapia Recipe | Vegetable | Pasta |
Dessert | Extra

Eleven.8 Cafe, Bar and Restaurant
Business Address
Pacific Global Hospitality Institute (PGHI) Hotel E. Rodriguez Avenue Quezon City, Philippines
Business Hours 6am-2am
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (0917) 144-9489 | (0917) 305-6979

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