Table Taft Boardgame Cafe: Now Open at University Mall (Manila)

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the grand opening of Table Taft Boardgame Cafe.  Coincidentally, my little sister (shobe) has been inviting me to take her to Uniqube (also at University Mall) for ages so it was the perfect opportunity for a visit for both. 

table taft boardgame cafe
My entire family is a boardgame geek.  When we were young, we have chess tournaments, monopoly days, word factory days and scrabble days at home.  And, whenever we were done with tag games at our cousins house, we'd watch TV while playing board games.  Now that we've become adults, our board games have expanded to different sorts of party and group games.  But, we rarely have the time to gather and play anymore.

table taft boardgame cafe

table taft boardgame cafe

Table Taft is very spacious with numerous gaming tables. 

table taft boardgame cafe
The decor is simple but fun. 

table taft boardgame cafe
We really appreciate that they have a board game cheat sheet to guide beginners on where they can start...

table taft boardgame cafe
especially since they have over 150 games.

Quick Games
Little sister wanted to play more games so I let her pick quick games which she found interesting.   

da vinci code game
Da Vinci Code
The Da Vinci Code (a.k.a. Coda) is a fun and easy to set up, easy to learn and easy to play game.  I suggest this for kids so they can easily learn it and quickly change the game once they beome impatient.

battle sheep game
Battle Sheep
Battle Sheep is a simple but fun strategic game.  It has the basic concept of Go but altered in an easier and interesting way.

tempurra game
Tempurra is a combination of Exploding Kittens and Uno Cards.

hanabi game
Hanabi is a great starter cooperation game.

retro lunacy
Retro Loonacy
While I love my own copy of Star Fluxx, I really had more fun with the easiness of Retro Loonacy.  This is a game of speed that even kids will enjoy.

dr eureka
Dr. Eureka
Game Master Kevin introduced us to Dr. Eureka.  We really enjoyed this.  I bet this is more fun with a group of 4.

More Complex Games
potion explosion
Potion Explosion
Potion Explosion is a really good game for those who want a strategic game with a bit of luck factor.  Too bad shobe just couldn't grasp the concept and found it too long to play.

Game Masters
table taft
Since I'm quite used to playing inermeddiate level board games, I can easily comprehend the concept of the game being explained.  But, shobe thought that some games were not explained sufficiently.  While we enjoyed our games. There was also time when our Game Master just left us.
Me: Kuya pwedeng Takenoko Game namin?
GM: Okay.  (Goes away)
Shobe (5 minutes later): Uhm where is he?
Me: (Busy checking my social media accounts) I don't know...
Shobe (5 minutes later): Wala na ata siya
Me: Okay kuha nalang ako ng game...


table taft gameboard cafe
Table Taft adopts an individual tab system for food orders so each person can leave anytime and settle their own bill.  They also have an entrance fee of 100 php which is consumable for the food and drinks.

jalapeno poppers
Jalapeno Poppers (150 php)

taco fries
Taco Fries (165 php)

Among the fries options, we loved the Taco Fries.

cheese beef fries
Cheese Beef Fries (150 php)
oversized cheesesticks
Oversized Cheesesticks (120 php)

Shobe and I loved the Oversized Cheesesticks.

onion rings
Onion Rings (110 php)

Rice Bowl
chicken teriyaki
Chicken Teriyaki (160 php)
The Chicken Teriyaki offers tender chicken meat and very sweet and fragrant teriyaki sauce.

Beef Salpicao (150 php)
Among the rice bowls, my top pick would be the Beef Salpicao.

salsa fish fillet
Salsa Verde Fish Fillet (150 php)
creamy crispy mushroom
Creamy Crispy Mushroom (150 php)

I liked the Creamy Crispy Mushroom because of the perfect al dente texture of the pasta.

oreo coffee jelly
Oreo Coffee Jelly (60 php)

Apple Turon a la Mode (80 php)
The Apple Turon a la Mode surprised me because it was something new for me.  The mushed apple with cinnamon filling is perfect with the fried crunchy wrap.  Plus, it's quite a bargain for the price.  You can order this for sharing and everyone will be thrilled.

We found the pricing quite reasonable and convenient to visit since the place is accessible via LRT (Vito Cruz Station) too.  Table Taft is open from Monday-Saturday 10 am-10 pm.  

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Tower Cafe: Now Open at Philam Life Tower (Paseo de Roxas Makati City)

Once upon a time, I was an employee working in Makati.  It was an environment unlike any other, imagine department by department, floor by floor, building by building filled with people being busy with work just as you are.  And, the only time you can consider from all that during your work day is your meal breaks.  When you've been thinking all-day, you'd want to go to a place where you can just let your senses become your guide.  That is why I loved food courts just like Tower Cafe.

moksi meti
Spang's best seller: Moksi Meti (150 php)
Tower Cafe is located at the 9th floor of Philam Tower at Paseo de Roxas Makati City.  What sets it apart from other food places in Makati is that the cuisines are diverse and mostly original.

Spang's Kapsalon (120 php)
One of the most interesting stalls is Spang which means delicious in Surinam.  In case you don't know, I googled that Surinam is a country found in South America that became a melting pot of international cuisine due to the fact that it has been colonized by the Dutch for many years.

sranang kebap
Spang's Sranang Kebap (120 php)
Have you tried Moksi Met - mixed pork special with Fa Chong Sausages, Char Siu Pork and Chinese Crispy Pork paired with Chow Mien? How about Kapsalon - Dutch dish of french fries, doner kebab, cheese and mixed salad with garlic dressing or Sranang Kebap-Jewish take on beef kabab ?  If not, head over to Spang!

bagoong rice
Chang Thai's Bagoong Rice (120 php)
One of the most authentic establishments is Chang Thai which is established by Chef Aof Suwannalert, a Thai chef from the Northern Province of Chang Mai.

catfish mango salad
Chang Thai's Catfish w/ Mango Salad (120 php)
She has only been in Manila for 3 years and is the consultant at the Cravings Group on their latest concepts Rice Lane and Madame Ginger.

pad thai
Chang Thai's Pad Thai
You can find Chef Aof at her own little store at Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati.

chap chae
Soulful Thai Viet's Chap Chae
The owner of  Soulful Thai Viet is also of high caliber.  

soulful thai viet
Soulful Thai Viet

During his cooking career in the US, he has served prominent people like actress "Thalia" of the telenovela Marimar.

soulful thai viet
Soulful Thai Viet
Soulful Thai Viet promises a healthy and quality meal by promising that they use minimal amount of salt, no msg and imported and highly quality ingredients.  They also offer fresh dishes as they follow a 4-5 hour with their batch of food to avoid food contamination.

pasta club
Pasta Club
 There are also young passionate chefs offering their specialty dishes such as Pasta Club.

pasta club
Pasta Club's Bolognese with Chicken Fillet
Try some of Pasta Club's sweet and tangy Bolognese with Chicken Fillet.

pasta club
Pasta Club's Carbonata with Pork Fillet
or their very rich and creamy Carbonata with Pork Fillet.

altamura adobong manok
Altamura's Adobong Manok
While some are new to the food business, some like Altamura already has several branches.

altamura adobong baboy
Altamura's Adobong Baboy
Altamura serves Southeast Asian cuisine: Filipino, Chinese and Japanese.

go salad
Go! Salads' Chicken Kebab Panini (140 php)
I bet your also familiar with GO! Salads that has over 10 outlets.

buko bar
Buko Bar's Halo Halo
Another healthy concept is Buko Bar.

buko bar
Buko Bar's Mango Lychee Smoothie
Buko Bar partners Mirzi Lisa Pangan and Gladys Johnson who were ADMU MBA classmates aims to deliver the freshest and sustainable buko-based products.

teresitas halo halo
Teresita's Halo Halo
tower cafe
Alta Mura

Alta Mura

tower cafe
Alta Mura
So with around 22 food stalls all in one place.  Let your cravings and senses lead you to the meal which will bring you comfort.  Tower Cafe is open from 7 am to 7 pm.  

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My Gelato Making Experience with Miko Aspiras and Carte D'Or Philippines

Last week, I was invited to partake in a Basic Gelato Making Class with Chef Miko Aspiras.  This is part of the debut of Carte D'Or in the Philippines.

carte dor philippines

We're so lucky that UK's Number 1 Premium Ice Cream Brand Carte D'Or will be available in the Philippines by May 23, 2017. Although it has a dominant presence in Europe such as in Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey, we are the very first country to have it in the Southeast Asian region. 

carte dor philippines
So what distinguishes Carte D'Or from other brands? 

carte dor philippinescarte dor philippines
According to Carte D’Or Brand Manager Earl Keh, "Carte D’Or Gelato was crafted with the idea of offering something that’s more than just ice cream. We take pride in sourcing from only the best, no matter where it takes us: from Australian butter to pistachios harvested from South Australia and California; from Belgian chocolate to hazelnuts grown in Turkey...

carte dor philippines
Each pint of Carte D’Or Gelato is crafted using real cream from Australia.  Using real cream not only gives gelato its creamier texture but also its pure, clean taste."

carte dor philippines
So you see, the process of making a gelato is basic.  But, it is the ingredients that they use that gives it raises its above the rest.

carte dor philippines
As you can see, it has a rich, creamy and smooth texture.

carte dor philippines
Then, mixed with the finest ingredients. 

Watch the video on how we did it!

carte dor philippines
Carte D’Or Gelato will launch with four flavors:  PistachioSalted Caramel, Double Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut.

carte dor philippines

Love how bittersweet the Double Chocolate is.  But, it is still the Pistachio that won my heart.

Find out more by following  @cartedorph on IG.

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