Annam Noodle Bar: Now Open at the Newport Mall Resorts World Manila

I've always wanted to try Annam Noodle Bar but their pioneer branch is located in Eastwood City.  That makes it inconvenient to visit when you're coming from the South side like me.  So, I was so thrilled to be invited to the opening of their second branch at the Newport Mall Resorts World Manila.

annam noodle bar
Annam Noodle Bar also known as NamNam Noodle Bar in Singapore offers fresh and quality food almost without MSG (95%).

annam noodle bar
I arrived just in time for the ribbon cutting.

annam noodle bar
Soon, everyone was allowed to enterThe diner gives off a casual feel with a mixture of modern and traditional Vietnamese influence.

annam noodle bar
Beside the bar, they have this section where you can watch as chefs prepare your Banh Mi and buns.

annam noodle bar
They also sell some food products like noodles and sauces.

Now let's get on with their food offerings...

Small Plates
banh bao buns
Banh Bao Buns (250 php)
The Banh Bao Buns is a must try!  The soft and succulent caramelized pork belly perfectly matches the hard boiled egg and scallions.

pomelo salad
Pomelo Salad (280 php)
To balance the savoriness of the meat dishes and to refresh your palette, the sweet and sour flavors of the
Pomelo Salad is an excellent choice.

Hanoi Pho
beef pho
Pho Australian Beef Steak Slices (340 php)
Of course, ordering some pho is on top of your list when dining at Annam.  The classic Pho Australian Beef Steak Slices is superb! 

pho beef balls
Pho Australian Beef Steak Slices & Beef Balls (350 php)
If you like more variety, there's also the Pho Australian Beef Steak Slices & Beef Balls as well as other variants.

Other Noodles
bun cha hanoi
Bun Cha Hanoi (360 php)
 Aside from pho, they also have other noodle dishes such as the Bun Cha Hanoi.  It has 2 kinds of pork and a prawn roll, veggies, noodles and a sweet, tangy and savory sauce.

Fragrant Rice
fragrant rice meal
Crispy Fried Tumeric Chicken (340 php)
The Crispy Fried Tumeric Chicken was an odd twist for me.  What I liked about this meal is the fragrant rice itself.

beef brisket
Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket (390 php)
I also failed to appreciate the Twice Cooked Australian Beef Brisket because the beef was a bit tough and dry.

Bahn Mi
banh mi
Chili- Lemongrass  Chicken, Fried Egg and Pork Floss (250 php)
What I cannot get over at Annam is their Banh MiThe Chili- Lemongrass Chicken, Fried Egg and Pork Floss is a huge hit among us.  The texture of the buns is superb.  The chicken is so soft and juicy.  And, I loved that they don't scrimp on liver pate which brings a superb savoy and umami flavor to the sandwich overall.

Viet Desserts
annam dessert
Trio of Crispy Netted Rolls (200 php)
We enjoyed the Trio of Crispy Netted Rolls as a meal ender.  We are used to our local turon filled with banana and jackfruit, but their version has jackfruit, cassava and sweet potato.  I just wished there's more coconut sauce.

pineapple jackfruit cocktail
Pineapple-Jackfruit Cocktail (200 php)
The Pineapple-Jackfruit Cocktail is another first for me.  I suggest you order this for sharing.  The sweet and citrus flavors is quite comforting.

Lychee-Lime Sparkling (180 php)
You can't go wrong with any of their Beverages.  All of them are visually appeal and so delicious too!  I hope to try their coffee on my next visit.  (Yes! Since Annam is now closer to home, I can keep coming back Pho more!

Annam Noodle Bar
Menu Small Plates | Hanoi Pho | Other Noodles | Banh Mi | Viet Desserts | Beverages | Beverages 2
Business Address 2nd floor, Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Pasay City
Business Hours 10am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-700
Free WiFi No


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