Al Dimashqi: Best Falafel and Great Halal Food in the Metro (Malate Manila)

Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

We spotted a new middle eastern restaurant at Harrison Plaza Village Square called Al Dimashqi

al dimashqi
This joint has been replaced so many times.  But, we never fail to try out whatever sprouts here.

al dimashqi
As you can see, there are no local diners here.  That intrigued us even more.  Turns out Al Dimashqi offers authentic Syrian Cuisine.  I don't think we've tried one before.  And, for those who are looking for Halal food, this is one too.


Cold Appetizer
Humus (150 php)
For starters, we began with the Humus that comes with pita bread.  We loved this!  We even ordered an additional pita bread.  I guess we ordered too many so we were forced to take home some.  Unfortunately, it wasn't as good when reheated by toaster though.

Moutable (150 php)
The Moutable is also superb.  Perhaps, I liked this a bit more than their Humus.

dal soup
Dal Soup (150 php)
To warm up our bellies, we ordered the Dal Soup.  This lentil soup is a must try!

grilled chicken
Grilled Chicken (150 php)
The Grilled Chicken is unlike anything we've encountered before.  It was pretty good.  The rice that comes with it is a perfect match too.

Budget Meal
mini shish tawook
Mini Shish Tawook (80 php)
The Mini Shish Tawook  is affordable but the chicken fillet bits were a bit dry.

mini kebab
Mini Kebab (80 php)
The Mini Kebab is just okay.  It wasn't too dry but not remarkably juicy either.

mini shaqaf
Mini Shaqaf (80 php)
Among the budget meals, I'd recommend the Mini Shaqaf.

Falafel Regular (65 php)

Among our orders, the Falafel stood out the most.  I have never been impressed with a falafel except for this.  It had the right crunchiness, softness (but not pasty) and it wasn't oily at all.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I hope Al Dimashqi stays cause I'd certainly go back for its Falafel.  Their pricing is affordable too. 

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Al Dimashqi
Business Address Harrison Plaza Square Village, Mabini Cor. Ocampo St.
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 65-300
Free WiFi No
Contact (0997) 250-7230

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