Securing a Texas Alcohol Permit

From the outside, running a successful bar or restaurant looks like it would be a lot of fun. After all, these are businesses that are generally full of people enjoying themselves, so what wouldn't be great about that? The difficulty is that for a bar or restaurant in Texas to legally serve alcohol, the business owner must apply for and secure a Texas alcohol permit. All of this is more complicated than it might sound at first, which is why business owners have to plan ahead and plan carefully before opening up an establishment that serves alcohol.

The Complications Involved In Securing a Permit

In order to obtain a liquor license in Texas, a business owner must become very familiar with the regulations involved and deal with a series of government bureaucracies. They must also deal with mounds of paperwork, all of which must be filled out accurately in order to be accepted. Sound simple? It’s not.

Quite frankly, the process for getting a liquor license in the state of Texas has become so complex, many consulting firms have been formed in order to better serve the needs of those who are applying for permits. Apply for a liquor license involves dealing with numerous government entities, including the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and the Texas Comptroller. All of this involves a lot of time and the kind of expertise in law and government that many business owners don’t have.

Speeding the Process Along

The complexity of the application process means it can sometimes take up to six months for a business to obtain a permit. Any business owner who needs a liquor license would be understandably anxious to get one secured as soon as possible, which is why many owners do retain the services of consultants who are skilled in the permitting process. By using a specialized consultant, businesses can often cut the approval time down to just two months. Consultants do advise that business owners plan ahead and start the process at least three months in advance of opening a bar or restaurant, to give the consultant time to adequately prepare the application.

Every business is different, but no matter what kind of establishment is being run, having a legal license to serve alcohol is always required. Knowing there is skilled help out there to smooth the process is good news indeed. 

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