Rock & Seoul: New Year New Korean Eats (SM North Edsa The Block)

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

I'm a huge fan of bibimbap.   I've come across Rock & Seoul for quite some time but never had the time to go until I was invited last week.

rock and seoul
Having been to SM North several times, it has occurred to me that this is the first time I've been to the Upper Ground Level of SM North the Block.  I had no idea that there are a lot of food places there.  Rock & Seoul is just one of the many among them.  And, it is located just in front of SM Hypermart.

rock and seoul
There's no place as spacious, retro and yet casual like it.

rock and seoul
I can't help but find myself amused at the displays.

rock and seoul
And, this wall stood out as soon as I entered.

rock and seoul
I can't figure what the shirts are for though.

rock and seoul
Everything seems to be in theme even their cool menu.

Tasting Sampler
rock and seoul
We were given a tasting sampler with their Big Boy La Ribs, Cheesy Fondue Chili Pepper Chicken and Ramyeon.

big boy la ribs
Big Boy La Ribs
The Big Boy La Ribs can be ordered as a set with bibimbap (499 php) or plain rice (449 php) or as ala carte (399 php).

original bibimbap
Original Bibimbap
 This is the Original Bibimbap you'll get if you choose this set.

big boy lal ribs
Big Boy La Ribs Ala Carte

 The Big Boy La Ribs was so flavorful and tender!  I wanted to swipe it clean to the bone.

unlimited banchan
Unlimited Banchan (99 php)
I'm glad they have Unlimited Banchan because I'm used to eating bibimbap with them.

Ramyeon (249 php)
The Ramyeon is a satisfying meal by itself.

rock and seoul
Cheesy Fondue Chili Pepper
Upgrade your Chili Pepper (240 php) with the Cheesy Fondue (395 php) and enjoy both crispy and creamy cheese goodness in every bite.

lychee yakult
Lychee Yakult (70 php)
For our thirst quencher, there's the Lychee Yakult.

charcoal waffle
Charcoal Waffle *sample size (185 php)
What intrigued me the most was the Charcoal Waffle.  Usually they have the vanilla or green tea ice cream as an option.  I really liked this because it wasn't sweet at all.

So there you go! Lot's of new stuff to try at Rock & Seoul.  I want to try more of their Bibimbaps on my next visit too.

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