Apag Marangle: Kapampangan Family Salu-Salo at the Heart of Makati

When my mom's best friend came home from the US, I recommended that they dine at Apag Marangle Kapamangan Restaurant.  We've been meaning to dine at their Pampanga branch but could no longer find a consolidated time given our work.  Mom loved it so much and she wanted to try more of their dishes so she decided that we celebrate her birthday there. 

apag marangle
So that Sunday, we made reservations.  

apag marangle
Only to find the place barely empty on a Sunday night.  We reserved the entire mezzanine area which has the best ambiance.  It has kawayan tables and benches with a fish pond.

apag marangle
Look at how huge their menu is.  It takes the form of a giant leaf.  There are so many options.  Although we are a group of almost 30, we couldn't try them all and we had a lot of left overs.

apag marangle
Although Apag Marangle is found at the heart of Makati specifically at Park Square, their interiors and dish presentation will make you feel like your having a native-style salu-salo in Pampanga or some provincial area.

chili garlic camaru
Chili Garlic Camaru (185 php)
My cousins wanted to try the exotic dish of Chili Garlic Camaru.  It was dominantly garlicky so you really can't tell that you're eating insects.  This was passed in between tables several times before we finished this though.  Some are not daring enough to try.
ningnang pusit
Ningnang Pusit
Among all our orders, the Ningnang Pusit did not make a lasting impression because it is simply grilled squid.

Nasi (Rice)
nasi marangle
Nasi Marangle (275 php)
Although we ordered the Nasi Marangle as staple, as you can see it already has enough viands to consider as a meal in itself.  I'm not sure if its just our Ilocano roots but we loved this very much since it's similar to the Ilocano dish pinakbet with the addition of rice.

tabang talangka
Tabang Talangka (175 php)
The boys opted for the Tabang Talangka.  I think they had to burn this off at the gym later on.

Manuk (Chicken)
pepalukluk manuk
Pepalukluk Manuk (415 php)
According to my aunt, there's a similar Ilocano dish that looks like this which my Angkong used to cook.  Since we never got to try it, the Pepalukluk Manuk is the closest that we will get to try.  It is very light tasting on its on so have it with the bagoong or vinegar sauce.

kalderetang bibe
Kalderetang Bibe (415 php)
The Kalderetang Bibe is so good!  This is one of the dishes that was first to be emptied.

Sabo (Soup)
suam mais
Suam Mais (220 php)
The Suam Mais reminds me of sweet corn in soup form.  At first, it was comforting but I couldn't the cup.

Bulalo (545 php)
The Bulalo is a classic and it wins over the other soups we ordered.

Bulalo (545 php)
 The price is just right given the amount of meat.

sigang king kamias bangus
Sigang King Kamias Bangus (320 php)
We also loved the Sigang King Kamias Bangus.

Pagmayumu (Desserts)
meyumang kamuti
Meyumuang Kamuti (135 php)
The oldies ordered the Meyumuang Kamuti.  It was surprisingly good that even though we were all full from our overwhelming amount of orders, we found this pleasurable to eat.

leche flan
Leche Flan (Big) (175 php)
The Leche Flan is delicious but nothing extraordinary.

ebun malat ice cream
Ebun Malat Ice Cream (65 php)

Our top pick for dessert is the Ebun Malat Ice CreamI did not really dive into the salted egg craze despite receiving so many salted egg chips as gifts but one spoonful of this boy this is Ebun Malat Ice Cream and I'm a fan.

Buko-Pandan Juice (70 php) and Lemon Grass Tea (70 php)
For drinks, any of the choices are good.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I highly recommend Apag Marangle especially for Balikbayans and foreigners who want to experience native Kapamapangan cuisine including exotic ones.  The pricing is reasonable and the ambiance and service is nice.  The serving size is good for sharing so the bigger the company, the better.  For us, this seems to be an under-rated establishment.

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Apag Marangle
Business Address Space 16 & 17, Park Square, Ayala Center, San Lorenzo,
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 7am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 150-600
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 246-9069 ext:580
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