Mer-Ben Tapsilogan: Search for the Best Bulalo Plus Crispy Tawilis (Tagaytay City Cavite)

Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

It was a holiday break and I would personally love to enjoy a relaxing day at home.  But... that's not what happened because my mom spontaneously informed us that we are going to Tagaytay in search for the best bulaloNo, we're not trying all the bulalo places in Tagaytay in a day.  We just take our time and try one bulalo place in every visit.  On our way to Tagaytay, the siblings and I googled for the best bulalo place in Tagaytay and there seems to be many mentions on Mer-Ben Tapsilogan.

merben tapsilogan
Because of the term tapsilogan, we were looking for a low-key small-scale canteen like place just like the humble taposilgans in Manila.  But lo and behold, Mer-Ben Tapsilogan seems to be a huge enterprise.  There's a big space for parking lot.  There are lots of dried tawilis vendors.  We actually bought some 3 for 100 php packs.  We were told by the vendor "Madali lang lutuin yan maam.  Tabang yan walang alat basta lagyan lang ng itlog at flour" (That's easy to cook maam.  That's not salted so just put egg and flour).  When we cooked it, we were surprised that it was saltier than dried tuyo so we gave it away.   Anyway, back to Mer-Ben... There's another restaurant beside this but with no parking space and it's also Mer-ben.
merben tapsilogan
There's also a souvenir shop. 

merben tapsilogan
There are a lot of huts from small to big where you can dine.  If you decide to eat in the huts, you can be serenaded by the these guys.

merben tapsilogan
We opted to go inside.

merben tapsilogan
We passed by their food display.

merben tapsilogan
This is where we settled in. 

merben tapsilogan

It has a good view as you can see the lake at the distance.

merben tapsilogan

We would see the huts from there.  And being higher and open-air, it was so cold!


special bulalo
Extra Special Bulalo M (360 php)
Number 1 on our agenda list is to order the Extra Special Bulalo.  We ate this fast without a moment to spare because it got cold pretty fast.  We loved the tenderness and portion of the meat.  But, the family was not satisfied with the flavor of the broth.

crispy tawilis
Crispy Tawilis (160 php)

We also ordered Crispy TawilisSurprisingly, the family enjoyed this more than the bulalo.  We ordered another of this.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sad to say, the best bulalo is not here in Mer-Ben Tapsilogan. Being on the upper floor, we also found it difficult to call the staffs attention.  I'd only recommend this place if you're all for the ambiance or no place is open yet because this is open 24 hours.

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Mer-Ben Tapsilogan
Business Address
Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City
Business Hours 24 hours
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 100-400
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (046) 483-0768

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