Schneeballen: Smashing the Kaffe Coconut With a Wooden Mallet! (SM Mall of Asia)

Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

We were shopping at SM Mall of Asia when I was surprised that my mom disappeared of somewhere.  Then, I received her call to meet her at Scheeballen (Of course, I didn't know what she was referring to the call was quite long before I found the family all gathered there).

schneeballen philippines
We were totally clueless what language Schneeballen.  But, the red lettering "BALL" and the colorful ball displays hinted to us that it was some kind of ball-shaped food.

schneeballen philippines
The staff was very accommodating.  She handed us all their brochure.  It was quite informative.  We learned that Schneeballen is a Korean brand.  But, the concept of the Schneeballen originated from Bayaria in South Germany.  It is the traditional cookie of Rothenburg.  It is a round pastry usually coated in powdered sugar.  Schneeballen translated to "snowball" in English.  But, this is quite different to the usual snowball pastry I've encountered like my favorite Snowball made by Mountain maid in Baguio.  This is really big and eaten by smashing it into bits using a wooden mallet. 

In Korea, it created a big wave as they have long lines for it.  It even has its own cafeIt even has famous brand ambassadors like Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae.  

schneeballen philippines
On the shelves, we colorful Schneeballens with labels and prices.  You can also see them in foils where they will be smashed.  After a few minutes, we finally resolved to a majority decision of trying out the Kaffe Coconut Schneeball (150 php).

The video shows my mom's excited smashing action.

schneeballen philippines
Kaffe Coconut Schneeball (150 php)
So this is our smashed Kaffe Coconut Schneeball which is a described as a combination of sweet coconut and coffee flavor.  Frm the looks of it, it was to be eaten like chips.  We enjoyed the crunchiness but it was disappointing in terms of flavor.  It has an overly sweet coating and dusted with artificially flavored coconut and coffee.  We took this home for breakfast paired with coffee or tea so we could eat it.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Scheeballen is an interesting concept.  As foodies, we're always excited to try new things and this is a perfect encapsulated moment in our memories.  However, this cute de-stressing concept may not be well-recepted here in the Philippines as it is in Korea.  Perhaps, it is due to lack of marketing.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Schneeballen
Ambiance 150 php
=Favorites or Recommended 
Schneeballen SM Mall of Asia
Business Address SM Mall of Asia,
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge N/A
Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Other  Website
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