The Cafe Mediterranean: Revisiting After a Decade (Rockwell Powerplant Mall Makati)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

I knew I've tried The Cafe Mediterranean before.  At first, I can't seem rememberBut, dining there refreshed my memory that the family ate there upon the opening of Rockwell Powerplant Mall way back in 1994.  

the cafe mediterranean

It was the first Mediterranean Cuisine I've encountered and during that time.  But, unforunately, I haven't grown the palette to appreciate at that age.   As I've shared before, it was in such an age when my taste buds were limited to visiting and revisiting my favorites: The Old Swiss Inn's fondue, Schwarzwälder's  "Kraeuterhend'l", Yum-Yum Tree and Pancake House
the cafe mediterranean

Well, I've come a long way from that.  I've become more eclectic and more adventurous and I've come to love Mediterranean cuisine among other cuisines.

the cafe mediterranean
After trying a lot of other Mediterranean places (click label to see the other 25 which I've tried for the past 2 years that I'm blogging), it's time to go back to where I started.

the cafe mediterranean
Hot Sauce and Garlic Sauce
Laid on each table is their Hot Sauce and Garlic Sauce.  I implore you to use this to your hearts content as I did especially for the grills.

Appetizers & Little Plates
the cafe mediterranean
Sampler Plate of 3: Labneh, Hummus and Falafel with Pita Reg (275 php)
For starts, we had the Sampler Plate of 3: Labneh, Hummus and Falafel with Pita.  This is my first time to try the Labneh and Falafel.  The Labneh is like thick and smooth cream cheese with a comforting tanginess since it's yogurt-based.  I loved it!  The Falafel is a deep-fried ball filled with chickpea fillings.  The coating was a bit thicker than I expected so it was rough and surprisingly filling to eat.  It left a pretty good first impression for me.  The hummus is one of my favorite Mediterranean dishes.  Their version of the Hummus was very good.  It was the richest and creamiest I've encountered yet. 

the cafe mediterranean
Sampler Plate of 4: Moutabal, Falafel , Foule and Hummus with Pita Reg (275 php)
The Moutabal was really good because it has a bold smokey and sweet taste.  I think this is the best moutabal I've tried yet. 

Sandwiches (all served with fries)
the cafe mediterranean
Panino Vegetariano with Housemade Yogurt (210 php)
I've indulged so much on the starters so the next course is lighter.  The Panino Vegetariano with Housemade Yogurt is filled with grilled zucchini, eggplant, onions and fresh tomatoes.  The Ciabatta was prepared well so it was crispy on the outside yet soft to chew. 

the cafe mediterranean
Pizza Mediterranea (385 php)
My companions requested the Pizza Mediterranea without the anchovies which is probably why it lacked the X factor for me.   It could either be because it almost has the same ingredients as the Panino Vegetariano with Housemade Yogurt which we had just before this.  On the bright side, I liked their tangy herby sauce and their crispy yet chewy dough.

Large Plates
the cafe mediterranean
Shish Taouk with Basmati (315 php + 30 php)
I was very impressed with their Shish Taouk!  It is definitely very far beyond the other shish taouks I've tried.  It was so tender, juicy and flavorful.  YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!

Moussaka with Basmati (310 php + 30 php)
I've always loved the moussaka and order one whenever I see it on the menuSomehow this Moussaka failed to leave a positive impact for me to order it again.  But my companions continuously praised it.

Eggplant Parmigiana with Whole Wheat Pita  (295 php + 30 php)
Eggplant Parmigiana was cheesy but too oily for me.  Perhaps, I would have liked this better if the sauce was more zesty to counter the oiliness.  My friends seemed to enjoy it though.

Grilled Beef with Basmati (395 php + 40 php)
The Grilled Beef is served with Labneh and TabboulehI loved the Grilled Beef for its superb savoriness and tenderness.  It was pillow-soft and goes well without sauce or with any sauce.  This is definitely one of the best kebabs in Manila!  The Tabbouleh however, lacked the slight crunchy texture and minty essence from the parsley that I'm yearning for.

Panna Cotta (100 php), Tartufo Al Cioccolato (100 php) and Tiramisu (175 php)
The Panna Cotta has a smooth, creamy and gelatinous texture.  It goes so well with the orange sauce.  The Tartufo Al Cioccolato is a very rich with mini chocolate bits to boot.  Yet, it's the kind of richness that you'll want more of.  The Tiramisu is more mascarpone than the coffee and liqueur component so alone it was lacking for me.  But, I've discovered that eating the Tartufo Al Cioccolato together with the Tiramisu delivers a surprisingly magical sensation.

Mango Lassi (135 php)

The Mango Lassi is very refreshingly sweet with only mild sourness.  Compared to the other lassi I've tried, I think this is suitable for those who want to be initially acquainted with this drink as the tartiness won't overwhelm them.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Cafe Mediterranean is definitely worth visiting and revisiting over and over especially for their kebabs!  I'm not even a fan of kebabs but they just made me an avid fan of it.

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