Terraz Meetings & Bistro: Makati's Hidden Gem (Zuellig Building)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

I just love new discoveries.  My first exploration at Zuellig Building led me to the food court where I discovered Zigla!  Well, I just found out that Zuellig Building has a lot more to offer with Terraz Meetings & Bistro located at the 3rd floor. 

When you're in Makati and all you could see are cars and tall buildings, you'd understand the refreshing feeling I had upon reaching Terraz.  I just love it's bright and spacious motif with clear glass windows and yellow green and yellow soft and well-cushioned seats.  Diners were enjoying themselves as if the busy and fast-paced office life has been put on hold.

I couldn't help but appreciate the huge space that Terraz has to offer.  Aside from the generous distance of each table from one another, affording their diners comfort and privacy, they also made sure the diners have a beautiful view of their open kitchen, cake chiller and the garden outside. 

It was a usual lunch on a weekday workday and the place was packed.

It also has a bar area which is understandably unoccupied during the day.

What sets Terraz apart from other restaurants is its meeting rooms.  Doesn't it resemble a grand board room?

Complimentary Flat Bread with Pimiento Cheese and Aoili Dip
Upon being seated, we were given a Complimentary Flat Bread with Pimiento Cheese and Aoili Dip.  I just love flat breads like the roti prata so I quickly got my hands and mouth busy with these.

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna (275 php)
The Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna is one of the few salads that has left a distinguishing impression upon me.  The highligh of the salad are the perfectly prepared pan-seared ahi-tuna crusted with sesame seeds.  It really brought the other fresh ingredients to life.  Other components are fresh and crunchy romaine lettuce, sliced Japanese cucumber, red beets and vine cherry tomato.  It also had a flavorful sesame dressing. 

The Terraz Chef Salad (295 php)

The Terraz Chef Salad with romaine lettuce, red wine, hard-boiled egg, crispy parma ham, grilled bacon, roast beef in light salt, cheddar and emmental cheese cube in pepper vinaigrette and ranch dressing was also good.  But, I personally prefer the Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna over it.

Pizza and Pasta
Truffle Herbed Chicken& Creamy Mushroom
I am a big sucker for an dish with truffle on them.   The Truffle Herbed Chicken& Creamy Mushroom with its moist and tender marinated grilled chicken breast with 3 kinds of mushroom and red wine sauce pasta dish is no exception.

Simple Saffron Spaghtetti
It's actually my first time to try something like the Simple Saffron Spaghtetti.  It's their home made (made from scratch) saffron spaghetti with spinach and grilled asparagus.  Usually, when I eat pasta, my taste buds tend to be drawn towards the sauce.  But, in this case, the sauce is so light that it actually let's you appreciate the distinct flavor of a very precious spice: saffron.

Western Flavors 
Buttered Tilapia Saltimbocca (350 php)
I'm very particular with fishiness so I often steer away from the tilapia.  But, the Buttered Tilapia Saltimbocca is surprisingly clean-tasting that I'm surprised it is actually tilapia.  It is served with vegetable pilaf asparagus sage tomato sauce and grainy cream mustard sauce.

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion and Foie Gras (695 php)
Upon seeing generous chunks of foie gras, the Grilled Bacon Wrapped Pork Medallion and Foie Gras has already won over me.  I'm very biased towards dishes with foie gras.  I'm so in love with it.  The dish is delicious!  It is also served with macaire potato, sauteed vegetables, mushroom ragout and merlot sauce.

Merlot Braised Veal Cheeks (550 php)
Another dish that I found simply irresistible is the Merlot Braised Veal Cheeks served with crushed garlic potato in olive oil and marinated vegetables: beets, beans, potato, carrots and mushroom ragout.

Pan-Seared Boneless Chicken Cream Emince (350 php)
The Pan-Seared Boneless Chicken Cream Emince is a dish that will surely please mushroom lovers like me.  It has a rich mushroom flavor with a wholesome creamy texture that complements the moist chicken fillets well.  It is served with baked potato, bacon, peppered asparagus and french beans.

Asian Inspirations
Spicy Terraz Corned Beef Adobo (495 php)
An interesting clash of two Filipino classic favorites: corned beef and adobo is the Spicy Terraz Corned Beef Adobo.   Seriously, this is one of the best corned beef and adobo dish I've ever tried!  Even the sides were surprisingly awesome!  I loved the garlic pumpkin, sweet mashed potato and kesong puti which are fried and buttered like chicken nuggets. 

Crepe Zamurai (150 php)
We all wore puzzled faces when the Crepe Zamurai was served. We could only identify the caramel sauce and cinnamon sugar on top of the crepe.  What lies under is still a mystery.

Crepe Zamurai (150 php)
As soon as everyone got to try the Crepe Zamurai, we all had smiles plastered on our faces as we kept spooning for more of its addictive mango and banana bits in a pool of caramel sauce and Cinnamon sugar. 
Pavlovaz (150 php)
The Pavlovaz which is a meringue filled with light cream, cherry and berries was good too.

Ginger & Mint Lemonade (130 php) and Strawberry & Mango (120 php)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I've so glad I've discovered Terraz Meetings & Bistro, Makati's hidden gem!  It offers a one of a kind experience at reasonable price.  I definitely want to try more of their menu selections.

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Terraz Meetings & Bistro
Business Address 3/F Zuellig Building, Makati Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, 
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Weekdays 11am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-1,500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 625-4831
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