Russian Caviar is Likely to Improve Your Health

Every person in the world knows that caviar is a delicate, which can not be seen on our tables every day, but from time to time we please ourselves by buying a tiny jar of caviar.
In most cases it is considered as a tsar’s food – something that should be eaten, may be, only once in the lifetime. We associate caviar with inaccessible food which is far from being very healthy, but it is closer and more useful than we have thought.

A Healthy Dainty
At the same time, hardly anyone realizes that being real delicate, Russian caviar is the food which contains a great deal of vitamins and nutrients.

Antioxidant Protection
For example, vitamin A is present in big amounts in caviar. This vitamin is important as an antioxidant to protect our cells, to improve our immune system; to support our eyesight; to stop and slow aging processes of the body.

Potassium for Better Oxygen Penetration
Potassium is crucial for blood pressure when it is high; potassium should be consumed to prevent kidney stones. If you need to accelerate your brain reactions you had better eat some caviar as the potassium containing there will help to transport oxygen to the brain quicker.

Reduce the Risk of a Heart Attack
Omega-3 is the vitamin that is often absent in the products that we eat every day. Caviar is one of the richest sources of this acid. Omega-3 is vital to prevent Alzheimer's, to lower blood pressure, thus reducing the risk of a stroke or a heart attack.

Vitamin D to Take Care of the Immune System
Vitamin D is also exuberant in caviar. Vitamin D is able to protect your immune system from various viruses. If you lack sunshine, vitamin D is necessary for you, and caviar can be one of the ways to get it.

Caviar to Restore the Level of Hemoglobin
Hemoglobin is a red blood cell component that makes it easier for the oxygen to travel via blood, and it is vital for the life of every human being. After any type of surgery, your body loses hemoglobin and to restore the necessary level you need to eat caviar.

Still some Downsides
The only downside of caviar is the price, of course, and the number of calories it contains. For instance, an ounce of caviar has 75 calories; the amount of salt is also quite high.
As you can see, Russian caviar possesses lots of various vitamins which are crucial for us, but, at the same time, eating only caviar is not a way out – you need to have a balanced diet, full of various vegetables and fruits to feel healthy and happy. Do not associate it with only party and cocktail food for very rich people. You are able to taste caviar without any difficulty.