Rockwell's 4th Ultimate Taste Test : My Top New Food Discoveries

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Loving my experience at Rockwell's 2nd Ultimate Taste Test and Rockwell's 3rd Ultimate Taste Test, I'm back again for the Rockwell's 4th Ultimate Taste Test to discover what new food entrepreneurs have to offer. 

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
There were around 40 food concessionaires but I'd like to focus only on new discoveries.  

Ice Creams/Frozen Yogurt
rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Blue Bell Ice Cream (Facebook Fan Page) and Kool Kids
I was able to try Blue Bell Ice Cream's Sea Salt Caramel and Red Velvet Cake ice cream.  While, Kool Kids offered Dark Chocolate which they made with nitrogen and cream mixed with Kitchen Aid upon every order.  I found Blue Bell Ice Cream's Sea Salt Caramel too sweet for my liking but the Red Velvet Cake ice cream is a must try!  Kool Kids' Dark Chocolate was rich and creamy.  That night, I actually visited their store with the family in SM Megamall.  I'll have a separate post on that.

Other Ice Creams/Frozen Yogurts that were there which I've encountered were Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream, Merry Moo and Pink BerryJack Frost Premium Ice Cream served their classic best-seller wintermelon and a new flavor called Raspberetto (Raspberry w/ Amaretto).  I still prefer their Basil.   Merry Moo impressed me (more than my prior tries with them) with their White Choco Match Avocado.  The texture, sweetness and creaminess is perfect.  The Scandalously Chocolate was pretty good too.  Pink Berry offered the Salted Caramel which I've shared before and their new Cherry variant.  I tried the Cherry and loved it.  They offered a new topping too called the Sugarpova Premium Gummy Candy which was a hit for those who have sweet tooth.  I, on the other hand, chose my classic favorite topping: Roasted Almonds.

Dairy Products
rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Hacienda Macalauan (Facebook Fan Page), Buffy's (Facebook Fan Page) and The Dairy Farm
I'm a big dairy fan especially when they are all natural and as fresh as they can be.  I enjoyed Hacienda Macalauan 3 Cows Yogurt Drink in Mixed Berry and Green Apple, Buffy's Blueberry Yogurt, Strawberry Yogurt, Fresh Buffalo Milk and White Cheese Pastillas The Dairy Farm's Cheese, Garlic Butter and Salted Butter.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Butchay's Spread the Love (Facebook Fan Page)
Butchay's Spread the Love Alugbati and Bicol Express Spread were really creative.  I loved the Bicol Express since I love spicy foods but the Alugbati tasted bitterishly healthy.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Made by Max PH (Facebook Fan Page)
Made by Max PH's Almond Butter and Almond Butter Banana Smoothie was so rich and creamy that it's difficult to believe that its all natural and sugar-free.

Main Dish
I seem to have forgotten to take a photo... but the top main dish is Bhest Lasagna's (Facebook Fan Page) Premium Beef Lasagna.  It is the one of the best contender there!

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Chili Asylum (Facebook Fan Page)
Chili Asylum's Corned Beef Chili was the bomb!  The Watermelon Salsa was just okay.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Wise Eats Manila
Everyone was raving about Wise Eats Manila's Lamb Ham.  Their Bratwurst and Calamansi Premium Marmalade was also awesome!  What's cool about their processed meats is that they use fresh meats, premium cuts, gluten-free spices and don't use nitrite and nitrate (which as I've researched are converted to nitrosamines when cooked and are listed as carcinogenic by accredited Medical associations).

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Kitchenini (Facebook Fan Page)
To be honest, Kitchenini's Burong Tilapia Wrapped in Mustasa Leaf portion was too small for me to really appreciate its flavors.  But, I did love the crunchiness.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
HomeGrown Greens (Facebook)
HomeGrown Greens is worth the mention just because I've toward organic fresh food.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Fisher Farms
Fisher Farm's Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus is a great choice for lazy cooks like me.  
rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Pink Mixer Bakery (Facebook Fan Page)
I forgot to try Pink Mixer Bakery's offerings =(

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Denise and Polly's
Denise and Polly's Air Dried Angus Beef Tapa is less guilt but more flavor dense!

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Fork Play (Facebook Fan Page)
Fork Play's no msg and no artificial preservatives Roast Chicken is simply delightful!

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Belly Bob's (Facebook Fan Page)
You simply wouldn't mind being sinful with Belly Bob's Boneless Lechon Belly de Cebu and Crispy Lechon Sisig de Cebu.  Every bite delivered a superb crunch followed by explosion of fatty oil and juice from the tender meat.


rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Cuptain Cakes (Facebook Fan Page), The Crumbly Oven (Facebook Fan Page) and The Green Baker (Facebook Fan Page)
Technically, I've tried Cuptain Cakes before but that was for their cupcakes.  So their brownie crunch cookies belong to a different avenue.  I recall being more impressed with their cupcakes though.  The Crumbly Oven's Chocolate Cookies were really good!  They were crumby but soft and moist like chocolate crinkles.  Green Baker's Lemon Basil Cookie and Garlic Cookie were also delicious!


rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Dolci (Facebook)
Dolci is our new family favorite dessert. It has the fun texture of my favorite halo-halo topping: Nata de Coco with bold rich coffee flavor. Pair it with ice and milk and you have the best dessert that you can enjoy anytime at home.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Gorgy Balls, Hoft (Facebook Fan Page), Chichi's Forever Sweet, Fat and Skinny Dessert (Facebook Fan Page), Briet's Dessert Station (Facebook Fan Page) and Red Spatula (Facebook Fan Page)
Gorgy Balls Graham Balls was loved by fellow foodie friends. I enjoyed Chichi's Forever Sweet Banaloaf in cream cheese.  I forgot to try Hoft and Briet's Dessert Station's Puto Flan but it looked good.  Red Spatula is said to be the former owner of Red Ribbon.  I got to try their Dulce de Leche which was too sweet for me.  I still prefer the classic plain mamon.

rockwells 4th ultimate taste test
Make Peace Cookies by Cuizina Co. (Facebook Fan Page), Sweet Fevrier Co.(Facebook Fan Page), My Cup of Cake (Facebook Fan Page), Chizu (Facebook Fan Page), Chrainis Red Confectionery (Facebook Fan Page), Jertie's Kitchen (Facebook Fan Page) and Panic Baking

Make Peace Cookies by Cuizina Co. Raisinuts Oat Cookies was a bit sweet but good.  I enjoyed Sweet Fevrier Co. Kisstachio Oatmeal Cookie more.  My Cup of Cake's Calamansi Cupcake and Tablea Cupcake were also on the sweet side.  Chizu's Cheese Cup Cakes are one of the best cheese cupcakes I've ever tried!  I just love the not-so-sweet classic or old-fashioned style cheese cup cakes.  We used to buy a specific brand in Rustan's when we were young but it's no longer available.  Love the generous nuts of Chrainis Red Confectionery Tofee CandyJertie's Kitchen gluten-free and muscuvado-sweetened Dark Chocolate Brownies and Pumpkin Jam deserves praise for ingeniuity!  Being a matcha fan, I also enjoyed Panic Baking's Matcha (Green Tea) Oatmeal Bars but I'd prefer stronger matcha and less sweet.

Other concessionaires that I've shared before which you can check out: Happy Monster's Elvies Pie, Dulcelin, California Pizza Kitchen and KXP I'll have a separate post on TWG soon.

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