Legaspi Sunday Market: Different Cuisines in One Place (Makati)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Mom has been wanting to check out the Legaspi Sunday Market after hearing about it from some friends.  Well, what my mom wants, she always gets so we decided to have our lunch there a few Sundays ago.

The Legaspi Sunday Market is found in a parking space at the corner of Legaspi Street and Salcedo in Legaspi Village in Makati.  It opens at 7 am and ends in 2 pm.  I suggest going early as some are sold out or closing before 2pm.  Plus, the heat is more intense in the afternoon.  
Unlike other food markets, the Legaspi Sunday Market offers a wider cuisine choice so I opted to categorize the vendors through that.  The price range is wide in this market.  Some can be as expensive as those offered in full-blown restaurants.  I also noticed that many market goers are foreigners who are willing to spend for quality food.  There are also non-food stores but I didn't have time to check them out.

legaspi sunday marketlegaspi sunday market

legaspi sunday market
Diana's Special Bibingka
legaspi sunday market
I failed to take note of the name of this store.  But, they sold our favorite Puto and Cochinta from Marilao, Bulacan branded as "Popular".  We always buy some wherever we see those available.  It's really good you should try it.  They have the plain white puto, plain cochita and puto and cochinta hybrid.

legaspi sunday market
Budbud Gourmet Suman (Facebook Fan Page)
legaspi sunday market
Sweet Mama's Classic Recipes
imang salud
Imang Salud (Facebook Fan Page)
Imang Salud's classic ensaimada (180 php) is said to be of the heirloom recipes of Imang Dayrit-Santos of San Fernando, Pampanga that has been passed down through 3 generations so we were enticed to try it.  It is bigger than the usual.  I loved how soft and fluffy it is and topped with grated queso de bola.  I didn't like that it was topped with sugar though.  

chang thai
Chang Thai
We tried the Thai Milk Tea (45 php) from Chang Thai.  It was pretty good.  They also sell Thai Fried Rice with Pork (80 php), Catfish Salad (200 php) and more.

khun caesars thai kitchen
Khun Caesar's Thai Kitchen
Khun Caesar's Thai Kitchen Phad Thai is freshly cooked with TLC according to the menu.  True to their word, each batch is freshly cooked so you have to wait as long as 15 minutes sometimes.  You  have three choices: Phad Thai with Shrimp (245 php), Phad Thai with Chicken (225 php) and Phad Thai Vegetarian (200 php).  We got the Phad Thai with Shrimp and as you can see we got a hefty serving of Phad Thai with three large prawns!  It's good for sharing.  I highly recommend this as it's one the best pad thais I've tried. 

legaspi sunday market

casa gino
Casa Giño
There were so many choices but I could only try out a few but if I visit again, I'm definitely going to try Casa Giño next.  They have a lot of interesting Spanish dishes.


sumo yakitori
Sumo Yakitori (Facebook Fan Page)
Sumo Yakitori offers a single pricing of 100 php.  For the Premium, you get two stick.  For the rest, you get three sticks.

teppanickeylegaspi sunday market

warung warung
Warung Warung
If there's one Asian cuisine I haven't ventured into, that would be Indonesian so I'll make sure to try Warung Warung on my next visit.

legaspi sunday market
Although, I forgot to take note of the name.  But, I think this guys dishes looks good because he is so passionate with them see!

legaspi sunday market

garridos australian home made pies
Garrido's Australian Home Made Pies (Facebook Fan Page)
Garrido's Australian Home Made Pies smelled great.  They have lots of variants too: Steak & Mushroom, Chicken & Leek, Plain Beef Pie, Steak & Kidney, Beef Curry, Steak and Onion and Chicken Curry.

Middle Eastern
maharajas kebabs
Maharajas Kebabs (Facebook Fan Page)
We tried the Mutton Masala (250 php) or Curry at Maharajas Kebabs.  There was a lot of bones but they were really clean-tasting and tender.  The curry blend won over my taste buds.  There are only a few food establishments that serve mutton so I'm quite happy with this discovery.

rafik shawarma
Rafik Shawarma (Facebook Fan Page)
The Wagyu Shawarma (200 php) of Rafik Shawarma took some a while to be ready but it was worth it! 

legaspi sunday market
I've never seen so many baklava variants before.  Unfortunately, I skipped this for another dessert option. =(

 my big fat greek kouzina
My Big Fat Greek Kouzina (Facebook Fan Page)
The Chicken Souvalki (150 php) at My Big Fat Greek Kouzina was delicious!  It's got chicken breast bits, tomatoes, onions, parsley and tzatziki for sauce then wrapped in pita.

authentic moroccan cuisine
Authentic Moroccan Cuisine (Facebook Fan Page - C101 Galeria de Magallanes Lapu Lapu St. Magallanes Village)
I had a really good Moroccan cuisine experience at Kasbah and was quite saddened when it closed their Fort branch so I was happy to see this!  I tried the Tagine de Kefta (185 php) which I'm told was their best-seller. It was meatball tagine Australian halal beef in tomato base with sicilian olives and eggs with pita bread.  It has the strongest tangy tomato taste I've ever encountered so I had to eat it with pita.  The family was overwhelmed by its flavor but I acquired the taste for it.  It was also my first time for the Almond Briwat (100 php/6 pcs.) so I ordered one for dessert.  It is a triangle pastry glazed in honey with a sweet potato, almond and rose water filling.  I liked it because I love floral flavors.  The family thought otherwise so lucky because more for me. =)

pick a pita
Pick a Pita (Facebook Fan Page)
I also saw Pick a Pita at the Greenfield District weekend food market.

Burgers and Sandwiches
frauleins german sausage deli stand
Fraulein's German Sausage Deli Stand
monster burger
Monster Burger (Facebook Fan Page)
mr delicious
Mr. Delicious
legaspi sunday market

Bottled / Preserves
legaspi sunday marketlegaspi sunday market

Foodlab (Facebook Fan Page)
gourmet breadhouse
Gourmet Breadhouse

Snacks and Desserts
legaspi sunday market
Del Formaggio Stretch Cheese and Fresh Cheese
Tacoholics (Facebook Fan Page)
fat fingersfish and chips
                         Fat Fingers (Facebook Fan Page)

no bake dates

adams seriously good ice cream
Adam's Seriously Good Ice Cream (Facebook Fan Page)
I've heard a lot of good raves about Adam's Seriously Good Ice Cream.  I'll try this sometime!

long island deli
Long Island Deli
I tried the Strawberry Yogurt Shake (60 php) at Long Island Deli.  I was cool, creamy, tangy and refreshing. 

tong coffee
Tong Coffee (Facebook Fan Page)

Organic Market
legaspi organic market
This cheerful Taiwanese seller is really good at suggesting what you can buy for a perfect organic salad.  She's so nice that she even gives samples that you can try on your salad.  We bought a lot of fresh vegetables from her.

legaspi organic market
There's surely a lot more to try at the Legaspi Sunday Market so I look forward to my next visit.  Any suggestions on which I should try next?

Legaspi Sunday Market
Business Address Corner of Legaspi Street and Salcedo in Legaspi Village
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 7am-2 pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge none
Budget/Person 50-500
Contact Facebook Fan Page
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