Walter Bread: Soft and Moist and Baked with Nutritious Ingredients

A staple for every breakfast meal in our family is bread.  Except for "Oatmeal Sunday", we always have to a loaf or two at our bread basket.  One of our family favorite is Walter Bread

walter bread
Double Fiber Wheat Bread with Heart Protect, Weight Control Bread with High Fiber and Whole Wheat Raisin Bread
If you've been reading my previous post, you'd know that my family is health-conscious.  Thus, we only eat wheat bread.  It's a good thing that Walter Bread is available in almost all supermarkets and groceries because we are assured that we can buy wheat bread on a daily basis.  All their bread varieties are soft and moist.  They just different in terms of nutritious ingredients.  Isn't it cool that you can now chose pastries depending on your diet or health concern? I wish more bakers follow the example of Creative Bakers Co. Inc.'s Walter Bread because we really need it with the growing rate of diabetes and high blood pressure.

The  Double Fiber Wheat Bread with Heart Protect is packed with both soluble from apples and insoluble fiber from wheat that which benefits both the heart health and gastrointestinal and colon health respectively. Not only do they make use of apple fiber for natural sweetness, the sodium content is also limited to 130 mg.

It's no secret that to lose weight, you need high fiber.  If you want to be slim, the Weight Control Bread with High Fiber is for you.  It's loaded with oat and vegetable fibers, 98% fat-free and 50% less sodium.

Unlike my family, I'm not a fan of pastries.  But if it's the Whole Wheat Raisin Bread, I'd gladly substitute that for any breakfast meal even without a spread.  I notice that if this is the variety bought, it runs out really fast.  It's probably because it's so delicious!  It's naturally sweet so no need for spread really.  When we're in a hurry, we just grab some of this and go.  Plus, raisins have a lot of health benefits as well.  It lowers the level of bad cholesterol levels or LDL.

walter bread
Sugar Free Wheat Bread and Sugar Free Wheat Pandesal
We're very fortunate that we monitor our sugar level via annual blood tests so no one from our family is inflicted with diabetes.  But for those who do, the Sugar Free Wheat Bread and Sugar Free Wheat Pandesal which makes use of Isomalt, a natural sugar replacer from beet,  offers no sugar and higher fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

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