True Blends The Strip: Tea and Coffee Place Beside Medical City Ortigas

True Blends the Strip is the new tea and coffee place right beside Medical City and Mercury Drug Store at The Strip Complex in Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City.

true blends the strip
With its luminuous blue and white sign that's visible along Ortigas avenue, it's easy to spot when you're in the area. 

true blends the strip
True Blends the Strip has a fast and reliable WiFi and parking spaces which makes it a great place to chill especially during this hot summer season.

true blends the strip
It has a modern casual interiors with a few seating capacity since most of its customers order to go.  During early afternoon, the place could get pretty crowded. 

What differentiates True Blends the Strip from other milk tea shops is its resealable cap.  It's not tight-sealed unlike the rest so that you can have it adjusted or corrected so you can enjoy your order.  

Milk Tea Blends
All the Milk Tea Blends comes with FREE pearls.  You can add or change the toppings though if you like. They have Coffee Jelly (15 php), Fruit Jelly (15 php), Egg Pudding (15 php), Crystals/Nata (15 php), Milo Balls (15 php) and Mallows (5 php).

true blends the strip
Chocolate Milk Tea Venti (75 php) and Royal Milk Tea Venti (60 php)
For starters, you can try the classic Royal Milk Tea which is made from black tea and is the most common milk tea blend commercially available.  The price is quite affordable because the grande is sold at 50 php and you can upgrade it to venti by adding only 10 php.  But for those who are chocoholics like me, try the Chocolate Milk Tea.  The chocolate is rich and bold but it still has a hint of black tea in it. 

taro taro true blends the strip
Taro Taro Venti (90 php)
I'm generally not a fan of taro milk tea although I love Quickly's Super Taro Ice.   I've tried  taro milk tea at other milk tea stores and none of them was able to impress me.  But, this has turned the tables around.  Perhaps, its because of the Taro Taro's special scoop of ice cream that made the flavors richer and cooler. 

Green Tea Series
I really love the aromatic flavor of green tea so I've tried most of the Green Tea Series.  All Green Tea Series comes with FREE crystals/nata. 

green tea blends the strip
Berry Green Tea Venti (65 php) and Lychee Nata Venti (65 php)
The Berry Green Tea has a sweet berry flavor with a refreshing green tea after taste. On the other hand, the Lychee Nata is mellow and lightI think it's the perfect thirst quencher for a hot summer day.


green tea blends the strip
Passionfruit Venti (65 php) and Green Apple Tea Venti (65 php)
I also appreciate tanginess so I liked the Passionfruit too.  But, the most popular one in the Green Tea Series is the Green Apple Tea.  Even kids love the soothing blend of apple and green tea. 

Cheese Cloud
For non-tea lovers, fret not because True Blends the Strip has a special Cheese Cloud selection just for you.
dark choco cheese true blends the strip
Oreo Dark Choco Cheese Venti (110 php)
I've heard lots of people raving over the  Oreo Dark Choco Cheese so I decided to give it a try too.  The cheese cloud is light, creamy and not too salty at all.  It does wonders to the bitter sweet dark chocolate.  

Yakult Series w/ QQ
peach mango yakult
Peach-Mango Venti (95 php)
The Peach-Mango yakult delivers an exquisite taste of tropical fruits with the perfect tanginess of the yakult.  I'd say the balance is spot on.

garlic stuffed bread
Garlic Stuffed Bread: Ham and Cheese and Double Cheese (25 php/piece)
This is my latest cheap eats discovery!  For only 25 php, you can try the warm Garlic Stuffed Bread in either Ham and Cheese and Double Cheese.  I personally prefer the Ham and Cheese.  I'd recommend this affordable snack to the students and employees within the area.

hazelnut banana
Hazelnut-Banana (55 php)
The Hazelnut-Banana is highly recommend for nutella addicts.  I also like how they serve their sandwiches crisp like a panini. 

Clubhouse (90 php)
The crowd favorite is the Clubhouse.  It's a whole healthy meal in itself with lettuce, tomatoes, ham, egg and cheese at a very reasonable price of 90 php.

Schublig (120 php)
You should try the Schublig too.  It's a real meaty one that will surely satisfy your appetite.  

True Blends the Strip Delivers 
True Blends the Strip offers FREE delivery within the area, you can check their covered area below. 
true blends the strip menu delivery

True Blends The Strip Promos
When you purchase a venti, you can ask for their loyalty card and upon collecting 10 stamps, you get one FREE. For more updates and promos like them at or follow them on twitter  They also encourage their customers to share they pictures in instagram using hashtag #trueblndsstrip.

true blends the strip promo

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
True Blends The Strip is a must visit tea and coffee place when you're in the Medical City vicinity.  With their wide range of variety and drink personalization service, I'm sure you'll find a drink that will satisfy you.  Their pricing is really affordable so drop by or call for delivery and try it out yourself.  

Business Address The Strip Commercial Complex Ortigas Ave.,
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Fri: 10 am -8 pm
Sat: 10 am - 6 pm
Payment Options Cash
Service ChargeNone
Budget/Person 25-200
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks Yes
Contact (02) 697-7977 | (0916) 734-3977 | (0922) 731-1119
Other  Facebook Fan Page | Twitter | Instagram

Disclosure: I am affiliated with the featured establishment.

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