Precious Moments Cafe, Restaurant and Gift Shop: A World of Cuteness and Delicious Chinese Dishes

I haven't met a single girl who is not a fan of Precious Moments.  When ever we pass by Precious Moments Cafe, Restaurant and Gift Shop, my little sisters would ask me when I'll take them there. 

precious moments restaurant
So the day finally came when my friend Sumi and I decided to bring our little sisters along to check it out.

precious moments restaurant
Though the storefront looks a bit humble, once you step in, you'll feel like entering a life-sized dollhouse with Precious Moments figurines and paintings. 

precious moments restaurant
Precious Moments Cafe Menu
 The Precious Moments Cafe offers a variety of beverages, pasta, sandwiches and cakes.

precious moments restaurant
Cakes and Cupcakes

precious moments restaurant
The Precious Moments Restaurant is quite spacious it even has long tables and couches.  Each table is covered with white linen sheets with a table set up fit for a royalty. 

precious moments restaurant
On the second floor is the area for private functions and this is also where all the Precious Moment Manila Club hold their meetings.  It is also a Gift Shop.

precious moments restaurant
You can vieew and buy Precious Moments figurines here.  There are several shelves full of them. 

precious moments restaurant
Precious Moments Collections
My little sister and I can't help but admire the cuteness of each figurine.  We really loved the Disney Figurines the most. 

precious moments restaurant
My Favorite Picks
If only I don't have a tight budget, I'd buy my favorite picks.  But, instead I just took a photo of thm and made them a collage so I could look at how cute they are. 

Precious Moments Restaurant is a full-blown restaurant with an extensive Chinese menu.

Soup (good for 3-4 Persons)

hot and sour soup
Hot and Sour Soup (230 php)
The Hot and Sour Soup is good for sharing.   It's suggested for 2-3 but it was just right for the four of us.  It was rich in ingredients but I'd prefer a hotter one.


oriental fried chicken
Oriental Fried Chicken (210 php/half)
The Oriental Fried Chicken is their recommended best seller.  It was really good.  The chicken skin was golden brown and crispy while the chicken meat was tender.

beef with three kinds of mushrooms
Beef with 3 Kinds of Mushrooms (345 php)
 The Beef with 3 Kinds of Mushrooms is fully loaded with 3 kinds of mushrooms which I loved but the beef tenderloin was a bit tough to chew.


yang chow fried rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice (235 php)
The Yang Chow Fried Rice is the usual fare but for the price, I'd say this is a bargain!  Around 5-6 persons can share this.

cookies cream hazelnut latte vanilla
Cookies and Cream (125 php), Macademia Hazelnut Latte (125 php) and Vanilla & Caramel (125 php)
All their drinks were very good.  Though they are served in a tall glass, the flavors were rich and wholesome.  The Cookies and Cream had the fragrant taste of mocha with cookie bits.  The Macademia Hazelnut Latte has a soft froth followed by a mellow taste of latte with a hint of hazelnut syrup.  The Vanilla & Caramel was a bit sweetened compared to the rest but still good.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Precious Moments Cafe, Restaurant and Gift Shop is a great place to visit when you're looking for a sophisticated and cute ambiance with a pricing that will fit your budget.  For guys, you can bring your dates here and I'm sure she'll be pleased.  This is also good for family and group gatherings.  Most of their dishes are good for sharing.   I'll probably come back and try their desserts.  We underestimated their serving size so we ended up bloated even without finishing all our orders. 

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Precious Moments Cafe
Business Address #4227 Laredo St. Palanan
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 9am-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 200-400
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 856-6615 or 367-1002
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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