SSC Shawarma Snack Center: Middle-Eastern Cafe Grilled Seafood Restaurant

I've shared SSC Shawarma Snack Center's shawarma before (check my previous post).  Just in front of that canteen-type store is the two-storey SSC Shawarma Snack Center Cafe Grilled Seafood Restaurant which serves a wider variety of Middle Eastern dishes.  

ssc shawarma snack center restaurant
This tops as one of our favorites when craving for Middle Eastern cuisine.  I've been wanting to share this with you for quite some time now, but I am so into the food that I've been forgetting to take a photo.  I'm like that whenever I eat at my favorite places.

ssc shawarma snack center restaurant
Although located in a narrow alley, you'd be surprised that the place is usually packed with locals and foreigners alike.

ssc shawarma snack center restaurant

They have indoor dining areas for the first and second floors and an al fresco area for the second floor terrace.  They have typical round tables, lowered tables and couches which are ideal for shisha sessions.


Cooked Dishes (Salona or Curry Good for 2 Persons)

bamya lahem
Bamya Lahem (Mutton) (335 php)
The Bamya Lahem is my all time SSC favorite dish.  I could never get over this a mutton and okra stew.  Hands down no other restaurant serves mutton or mature sheep meat like SSC. The mutton has a clean taste and the meat is so tender.  And, the taste is so appetizing that I could finish this on my own even though it was supposed to be for two.

Rice and Bread
arabic bread
Arabic Bread (12 php/piece)
Whenever the Arabic Bread (pita) is available, I usually opt for this rather than rice. 

Basmati Rice Meal

chicken beryani
Chicken Beryani (360 php)
I've seen a lot of foreign diners finish this.  But, look at that size of the Chicken Beryani!  That's a whole chicken in one meal.  If you're not a hefty eater, this can be shared by two.  The Chicken Beryani is an interestingly tasty meal.  Even the flavored beryani rice is delightful. 


lahem beryani
Lahem Biryani (360 php)
The Lahem Biryani is another must try!  This is a savory meal.  Again, the lahem or mutton is something you need to try when at SSC.

 Salad (FREE for Every Basmati Rice Meal)
The Basmati Rice Meal is served with either a Salad, Dakous and Beryani Sauce.  I love their Salad.  It has lots of parley bits, cucumber and tomatoes. 

Fresh Juice and Shakes
Yoghurt (Salty) (95 php)
I really like the tangy taste of yogurt so I always order their Yoghurt drink.  You can choose either salty or sweet.  But either way, expect the rich full taste of plain yogurt.  

If you're not into yogurts, I suggest you try their 4 Season which is a popular drink there.  

Mouhalabieh (75 php)
The Mouhalabieh is a milk custard topped with crushed pistachio.  This had a smooth and creamy texture like pana cottas. But, I'd prefer if this had rose or orange extract to make this more interesting like the one I tried at Circles

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
SSC Shawarma Snack Center Cafe Grilled Seafood Restaurant is a must stop for any one who wants to try Middle-Eastern Cuisine.  I've tried almost all their dishes and not one of them has ever turned out to be a disappointment.  I've even brought friends and relatives here who are unfamiliar or not fond of Middle-Eastern dishes and they've enjoyed their dining experience.  More importantly, the price is very reasonable for the quality and large portions (yet normal for foreigners). 

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SSC Shawarma Snack Center Cafe Grilled Seafood Restaurant
Business Address 45 Salas St. Malate
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-4am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 525-4541
Facebook Fan Page
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