Comida Ilocandia: Budget-Friendly Ilocano Cuisine

Before trying out the spa services at Spaoay, I decided to hang stop over at Comida Ilocandia which offers  budget-friendly Ilocano Cuisine.  

comida ilocandia
The space at Comida Ilocandia is quite modest as it can house only a few tables.  But, the area looked clean, well-ventilated and bright.

pandesal adobo pate
Pandesal with Adobo Pate 
For starters, we were givena complimentary basket of Pandesal with Adobo Pate.

bento meal special
Bento Meal Special (good for 2) (BagnetTinunoAdobo , Vigan Longganisa) (250 php) 
The Bento Meal Special allows you to choose four kinds of their viands: Bagnet, Adobo, Longganisa, Dinuguan, Higado, Tinuno or BBQ with unlimited rice.  We choice Bagnet, Tinuno, Adobo and Vigan Longganisa.  

The Bagnet is one of the most famous dishes from the Ilocos region.  It is pork meat cooked similar to the lechon kawali but with a crispy fatty skin.  This version is a bit dry and lacking in crunchiness.

The Tinuno which is roast pork slabs like liempo was tender, tasty and succulent.  This was my pick out of the bunch.

The Adobo was good.  The Ilocano people are not too fond of sauces so like the Dinuguan, their version of the Adobo is dry.

The  Vigan Longganisa are authentic.  It has the same taste as those you can buy from Vigan.  It is savory, salty with some fatty portions.


                 ♥ Champola (75 php per litter)                          Sangria (75 php per liter)

The Champola is a guyabano with Piña Sparkler.  This was cool and refreshing.  I loved guyabano so I was able to appreciate this in every sip.  You can also opt for guava instead of guyabano if you want.

The Sangria is a local version with basi, kafir and dalanghita.  Chef Danny de la Cuesta proudly presented this fermented alcoholic conction of his.  He told us that this is actually made out of sugarcane.  My first impression of this is that it was smooth and sweet.  But, after a few more sips, I realized that this drink is quite powerful as an alcohol drink too.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Comida Ilocandia is a great place for budget-friendly Ilocano Cuisine.  You can eat, drink and be merry with your family and friends without hurting your budget.  It's also a great stop before or after you get your massage.  The pricing is unbelievable cheap both for the food and drinks.  They also deliver just in case you're interested.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Comida Ilocandia Menu
Ambiance Value Rice Meals
Bagnet with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Adobo with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Higado with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Dinuguan with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Longganisa with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Tunino with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Barbeque with rice, gulay & salsa (98 php)
Bento Meals
Solo Mio Regular (108 php)
Bento Meal Regular (108 php)
Bento Meal Special (108 php)
Solo Vegetables
Pinakbet (58 php)
Monggo (58 php)
Poqui-poqui (58 php)
Rice Meals
Adobo Rice (45 php)
Higado Rice (45 php)
Dinuguan Rice (45 php)
Plain Rice (25 php)
Regular Meals (good for 2-5 persons)
Bagnet  (160 php)
Adobo (140 php)
Higado (120 php)
Dinuguan (110 php)
Longganisa (160 php)
Tunino (140 php)
Barbeque (110 php)
Signature Drinks (per liter)
Pandan Iced Tea (75 php)
Champola (75 php)
Horchata (75 php)
Rice Iced Milk Tea (75 php)
Guava Green Tea (75 php)
Mango-Ginger Iced Tea (75 php)
Dalandan Slush (75 php)
Long Island (75 php)
Sangria (75 php)
=Favorites or Recommended 
Comida Ilocandia
Business Address 33-D Timog Ave.,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment OptionsCash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 50-200
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 709-70-41 
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