Roots Ginger Brew: The New Brew is Now Here is Manila

We've always known the dangers of sodas yet in the end we still keep on drinking it, maybe it's because of the caffeine that we've become more dependent on it or better yet maybe its their taste and that gets us hooked.

roots ginger brew

Roots Ginger Brew recently launched here in Manila came up with their own unique blend by combining the refreshing taste of our beloved sodas. The ginger taste of this clear sparkling drink creates a unique tasting spice that you'll surely come to love.

One of the things I love about this drink is the fact that it doesn't keep you up all night so you can still drink this even if you're already about to go to bed.
roots ginger brew
As you can see the ingredients are better since there's no Phosphoric Acid, Aspartame and Caffeine.

Priced at 21 php (P25 at 7-Eleven) for every 330ml comparable to your typical 500ml Coke or Sprite.  And, its also available in most stores.

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