Cobo: Awesome PossibiliTEAS in Recto

It was my first day of class and my professor was absent so I had some time to chill.  I was roaming around the Recto area when I spotted Cobo.  It looked like a happy and lively place with its modern interiors and loud music.  

cobo recto morayta
Upon entering, I glanced the menu by the counter and realized that I was in a milk tea place.  They had a lot of options so I asked the cashier for her recommendation.  She told me that Cobo Milk Tea is their best seller so I took her word for it and ordered one.  She asked me if I wanted to have Chew Pearl or Chewdle or both.    Curious of what the Chewdle were, I instinctively answered both.  I was handed my receipt with a number in it.   

I found myself a cozy seat and waited until the counter just beside it called my number.  The place had a really jolly atmosphere.  The music was modern and the lighting were the colorful ones that you'd find in a bar.  As I glanced around, I found myself surrounded by students.  It wasn't a study place for meeting.  But, it was a hangout where they could chat along as they enjoy their teas and snacks.

 Cobo Milk Tea 22oz (80 php)
I forgot to ask for their sweetness level so I had my Cobo Milk Tea with their default sweetness.  It was not too sweet though.  It had a right balance of tea and cream in it too.  As for the add-ons, I liked the chewiness of their Chew Pearl.  But, I didn't find the Chewdle to my liking.  Although fit the straw just right so I could easily slurp them, I found them more tedious to chew.  I'll try their other add-ons next time, they have a lot of options.  

  Cobo Milk Tea 22oz (80 php)
Unlike other milk tea stores, I notice their sweetness level is indicated in the glass itself and not by a sticker.  The sweetness-o-meter was cute too! =D

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cobo is a nice place to hangout with its happy and cozy atmosphere.  I am impressed with their ingeniuty in offering 12 oz. sizes (39 php to 49 php) to make their teas more affordable to students.  I noticed every table ordered the 12 oz. sizes.  I will surely come back and try their other offering when I have the time.  I'm looking forward to try their Premium Milk Tea and Koffee Kraze selection and their Cobo Crunch snacks too.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Cobo Menu
Ambiance Menu 1 | Menu 2 |
Menu 3 | Menu 4 |
Menu 5 | Menu 6 |
Jello Fruit Tea: (16 oz 70php, 22 oz 80 php)
Red Peach Green Tea
Mint Green Tea
Kumquart Green Tea
Bursting Bubbles - 20 php
Hanchew - 20 php
Coco Chew - 15 php
Jello -15 php
Chewzuki - 15 php
Taro Chew - 15 php
Alochew - 15 php
Chew Pearl - 15 php
Chewdle - 15 php
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Cobo Recto
Business Address Recto Cor. Morayta
Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-7pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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