Quantum Cafe: A Happy Healthy Haven

After our first experience with healthy cuisine at Sugarleaf (see previous entry), our group wanted to try more of it so I suggested Quantum Cafe in Makati.  I got to know about it during my visit at the Best Food Forward (see previous entry).  

Before we proceed, I'd like to point out a that there's often a misconception between healthy cuisine and vegetarian or vegan.  If you are a meat lover, then don't be intimidated with healthy cuisine.  They serve meat dishes an at the same time, they also have vegetarian dishes.

quantum cafe
Quantum Cafe offers a cozy ambiance similar to home.  During our visit we were welcomed by Ms. Happy Ferraren who is one of the owners.  She told us that Quantum Cafe is like their family hang out.  The family members have their day jobs and at night you can see them all at Quantum Cafe.  They are very hands-on with the place which gave it a unique pleasant feel.  


Vegetarian Options 
quantum burger
 Quantum Burger (150 php)
Upon glancing on the menu, we all agreed to order the Quantum Burger because it has their name on it.  Unlike the conventional burger, it was served with whole wheat bread as buns.  The veggie burger meat is made of banana blossom or what we locally know as puso ng saging.  We were all delighted with its taste and texture.  Although you could tell that it was softer compared to a meat pattie, it was delicious and juicy.  It was way better than the Buddhist burgers I've tried before which had a weird after taste.  Come to think of it, it's a pretty good contender against the mushroom burgers.  

red pesto
 Red Pesto (220 php)
The Red Pesto is carrot pasta with red pesto sauce topped with black olives, dried tomato bits and sweet plum tomatoes.  The carrot pasta had a rough and dry texture similar to a wheat pasta or the vegetable-infused pasta we tried at Sugarleaf.  But, the sauce and other ingredients carried this dish to victory.  It was so good that we couldn't stop munching until this is finished.

hainanese bangus
 Hainanese Bangus (220 php)
I've tried Hainanese Chicken countless of times.  But, never have I encountered a Hainanese Bangus.  It was served with the traditional ginger scallion sauce and soy sauce with green onion.  It also comes with brown rice and salad.  We were all impressed with the Hainanese Bangus.  The consistency of the Bangus was so awesome!  It was also good in terms of flavor.  This is a must try!

sizzling bangus sisig
Sizzling Bangus Sisig (290 php)
Although I've tried eating many Asian dishes with lettuce wraps, so we were amazed when they served their Sizzling Bangus Sisig with lettuce wraps.  It was pretty good with the right amount of onions and mayonnaise.  The crunchy lettuce with the creamy bangus sisig is superb!  I heard this is frequently ordered by drinkers as pulutan as well.

Quantum Pizza
fullshroom piza
 Fullshroom Pizza (190 php)
Quantum Cafe is known as the home of 8-inch whole wheat pizzas so it is a must to order one.  We all loved the Fullshroom Pizza, a thin-crusted whole wheat pizza topped with fresh oyster mushrooms and two kinds of cheese.  The pizza is crispy and light so you could fully appreciate the delicious taste of the oyster mushrooms.

northern mix
Northern Mix (150 php)
The Northern Mix offers richer taste as it is topped with tomato sauce, Ilocos longganisa and kesong puti.  

Fresh Yellow Mango JuiceQuantum Iced Tea & Fresh Watermelon Juice (Clockwise from left)
I got the Quantum Iced Tea which is a naturally brewed green tea with apple juice.  It was light and refreshing. 

Silly People's Improv Theatre or SPIT's Performance 
When we came, Quantum Cafe had a lot of vacant tables.  But, surprisingly all of them had  reservation plates and they began to be filled one by one before SPIT's performance.  Then, the show started...

spit kit
Each table was given their own kit.  At first, we didn't understand what it was for.  But, we did as told. Interesting enough...what we put in, becomes part of the show. =)

We were in the middle of a talk when the show began.  Suddenly, we felt the entire atmosphere fill with glee.  It was an amazing experience.  The audience including us were drawn in to participate.  Before we knew it, everyone was cheering and laughing at SPIT's performance.  

Ms. Happy Ferraren and the rest of the SPIT crew
Unfortunately, we had to leave early.  But, we all promised to come back.  It was definitely a memorable and fun experience for us especially for me.  In the past, fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt would always tease me of not having a funny bone.  Well... believe it or not, I was bursting in laughter with SPIT's clean and witty humor.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Quantum Cafe is a great place to swing by anytime.  It's a happy healthy haven. =D The food and drinks are affordable, healthy and delicious.  I also admire the way they support our very own local products.  The place is homey and cozy.  I insist that you reserve a  table on Thursdays to watch SPIT perform.  I highly recommend it.  After all...aside from food, laughter is the best medicine. =p

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Quantum Cafe
Business Address
9590 Kamagong cor. Bagtikan Street, 
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Fri: 11am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 150-400
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 519-0757
Other  Email: eat@quantumcafe.ph Website
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