Di' Mark's: Pizza Pioneer in the Philippines (Taft Manila)

Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Way before the highly marketed pizza chains came to the Philippines, my mom has always been a fan of Di' Mark's Pizza.  Di' Mark's Pizza is the pizza pioneer in the Philippines which has been serving quality pizza since 1957. 

di' mark's
Although there are other Di' Mark's Branches, we always dine at their Taft branch because its the nearest to our home.  

di' mark's

The place is a bit inconspicuous.  Upon entering the big gate with their sign you have to walk towards the bush where you could see their delivery bikes parked. 

di' mark's
Behind that plants is the outdoor area and the entrance to the indoor part.

di' mark's
The place could cater only around 10 people but its simple interiors is cozy enough to enjoy a meal. During our visits, we have never found the place fully occupied so I'm assuming that they focus more on their deliveries rather than dine-ins.


chicken croquetas
 Chicken Croquetas (200 php)
Di' Mark's is where I first tasted Chicken Croquetas when I was still a toddler and its always been my favorite.  We just can't get enough of these so we always order more than one!

chicken croquetas promo
We found this sitting on our table.  Those with Ensogo vouchers sure are lucky to avail this!

caesar salad
Caesar Salad (180 php)
Di' Mark's Caesar Salad is the usual lettuce, bacon bits, croutons, parmesan cheese covered in their home Caesar dressing.  This is pretty good!

cheesy onion soup
Cheesy Onion Soup (130 php)
The Cheesy Onion Soup is warm, soothing and delightful.  I just love the rich taste of onions complimented by the zesty flavors of cheese.

Di' Marks Favorites
menlo special pizza
 Menlo Special Pizza Large (695 php)
The Menlo Special Pizza is actually a three cheese pizza.  It has mozzarella, native cheese (kesong puti) and grated cheese.  I'm not a fan of cheese pizzas but I love this!  In fact, most of the Di' Mark's Favorites are also my family's favorites.  Unlike other commercialized pizzas, Di' Mark's make their own fresh dough and process their own tangy tomato sauce.  I could also sense the ambrosial flavor subtleties of oregano and olive oil in their pizza.

All-time Favorites
mushrooms in tomato sauce
Mushrooms in Tomato Sauce (190 php)
The Mushrooms in Tomato Sauce is served hot and fresh from the kitchen.  The texture of the spaghetti is al dente.  The sauce is tangy just the way I like it with a generous amount of button mushrooms slices.  


chocolate ice fudge promo
This teaser on our table really got our attention!  Even though we didn't have an Ensogo voucher, we were so intrigued that we ordered this.  When we read this teaser, we can't help but wish we had an Ensogo voucher so we could have double our orders so this. =D

chocolate ice fudge
 Chocolate Ice Fudge (150 php)
Di' Mark's Chocolate Ice Fudge is one of the best desserts I have ever tasted!  I didn't even want to share it so I ordered another just for myself.  I really couldn't tell if it was an ice cream or a cake.  It's really in between.  The texture and sensation caused by the rich chocolatey goodness was heavenly!  You just got to try this out for yourself.  I mean it!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Di' Mark's is one of the best places to enjoy pizza and pasta.  They serve quality food for a reasonable price.  Di' Mark's is a restaurant that markets itself through its food quality.  My mom says that this pizza pioneer has never failed her for decades.  In case you don't have the time to drop by their branches, they also deliver for FREE.  

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Di' Mark's Taft
Business Address 2646 Taft Avenue
Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 525-5354 or 404-0683 589
Other  Website
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