Naicha Preview at Congressional Avenue Extension

Last Week, I was invited to the Bloggers Preview Assembly of Naicha Congressional Avenue Extension Branch.  Since I love milk tea, of course, I didn't miss the chance.  Although it is located inside LG2 Auto Haus Motor Services, they have a yellow sign by the roadside so it's easy to spot.

Naicha literally means milk tea in Mandarin.  It was named Naicha so that it's easy to remember even to kids.  Naicha was established in December, 2010 at Royal Duty Free Mall in Subic.  Seeing the potential, they expanded in Manila last October 2011.  To date, Naicha has 11 branches and they will be opening more stores soon.
  • Royal Duty Free Mall, Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Food Hub, Palm St. Subic Bay Freeport Zone
  • Trades, SBMA Freeport Exchange
  • Marquee Mall, Angeles Pampanga
  • N. Domingo St. Quezon City
  • 24 Congressional Ave.Ext, Quezon City
  • Convergys, Technohub
  • St. Paul's College, Pasig City
  • Centerpoint Building, Ortigas Center, Pasig
  • Petron Katipunan, Quezon City
  • Vivida Towers, Omega St. Regalado West. Fairview QC

One thing that differentiates Naicha from other milk teas is that they use non-dairy creamer instead of milk so even lactose intolerants can enjoy it.  To ensure its quality, Naicha sources its tea leaves from a farm in Taiwan.  They brew their tea everyday.  They pride themselves with their slogan that "Tea never Tasted This Good".

Naicha Congressional Avenue Extension has a cozy ambiance with well-cushioned seats.  It's a great hang out place equipped with LCD TV and it also has FREE WiFi.

They had set out for us prepared drinks to sample and I shall share the experience with you.


Jelly Delights
Pearl Milk Tea
The first one I tried is the Pearl Milk Tea.  The Pearl Milk Tea had a light tea taste with a thick, smooth and creamy feel.  The black pearls were slippery and chewy just the way I like it. The taste was too sweet for my taste.  But, I was told that you can have the sugar level adjusted to your liking.  

Naicha Specials
Wintermelon Naicha
I could hardly recognize the bitterish taste of tea in the Wintermelon Naicha.  It was sweet and milky.  

Choco milk with Pudding
I can sense that the Choco milk with Pudding can be enjoyed by all ages even kids.  it taste like my favorite chocolait.

Toothie Fruity Juice
Kiwi Yakult
The Kiwi Yakult had a refreshing sweet and tangy taste.  I enjoyed this because the flavor and sweetness was just right.

naicha oolong
Original Oolong Naicha with pudding 16 oz (60 php)
I ordered the Original Oolong Naicha with pudding for fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt to try.  I requested the sugar level to be at 25%.  He said it was pretty good.  He kept on sipping on it while we watched the movie Lorax (see separate entry).

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Naicha makes tea drinking good for everyone.  Their flavors are good for those who don't even like tea, those who are lactose intolerant and even to kids.  Their pricing is very competitive.  Their toppings or add-ons are at par if not better than other brands.

Naicha Congressional Avenue Extension 
Business Address 24 Congressional Ave.Ext,
Quezon City,Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-6pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 60-100
Free WiFi Yes
Contact  Facebook Fan Page Website
Menu Naicha Menu 
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