How to Cook Tang Yuan: Glutinous Rice With Peanuts Recipe

As Tsinoys, it is a Chinese Tradition to celebrate the fifteenth day of the lunar year by eating Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice With Peanuts).  The Tang Yuan symbolizes unity within the family and is believed to grant good life.  The Tang Yuan used to be called the "Yuanxiao" which was eaten during the lantern festival and dates back to 800 years ago.

The Tang Yuan is something I wait for every year.  The Tang Yuan has a thin soft chewy outer layer of glutinous rice and tasty tiny bits of peanut and sugar within.

Kurt and I used to make our own Tang Yuan.  But this year, we decided to relieve ourselves by buying from the nearby Eng Bee Tin Store.  A box contains 20 peanut balls.  There are also other Chinese Stores in Binondo that sell these by piece.

How to Cook Tang Yuan
Step 1: Fill the pot with water

Step 2Place the balls into the water and cook in low fire.

Step 3: Cook for 5-10 minutes until the Tang Yuan floats in boiling water.

Step 4: Serve and enjoy your Tang Yuan (Glutinous Rice with Peanuts)

Hope you find this How to Cook Tang Yuan: Glutinous Rice With Peanuts Recipe to be helpful!

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