Uno Pizzeria Ristorante Bar: The Pizza Pasta Party Place (Closed)

It was my first time to attend an Openrice event.  It was held at Uno Pizzeria somewhere in SM Mall of Asia San Miguel By the Bay.  I arrived at the venue earlier than expected so I had the time to ride the tram cart for the first time and look at the new carnival rides there before heading back.

uno pizzeria

I couldn't see what's inside so I was excited to go in.  I have to admit, before arriving at Uno Pizzeria, I checked other reviews about it.  I was intrigue that there were mix reactions about its ambiance.
uno pizzeriauno pizzeria
The place was all white.  It looked clean and there was no smell at all.  The interior was simple and minimalist.  
uno pizzeria baruno pizzeria DJ
Since it was also a party place at night, there's no surprise that they have bar and a DJ.  

Fab First
Chicken Barbeque Quesadilla
Chicken Barbeque Quesadilla (222 php)
The Chicken Barbeque Quesadilla was served warm and oozing with cheese just the way I like it.  The barbecue sauce was a bit sweet.

Uno's Buffalo Wings
Uno's Buffalo Wings (252 php)
I was expecting the buffalo wings to be dominantly spicy.  But Uno's Buffalo Wings was a blend of sweet, sour and spicy.  From the taste and the color, I sense it has ketchup.

Creamy Pesto Chicken Parmigiana
Creamy Pesto Chicken Parmigiana (? Price is not on the menu)
The  Creamy Pesto Chicken Parmigiana was like carbonara with light pesto and parmesan crusted chicken on top.  I'm not a fan of pesto and it came with the chicken so I didn't mind its mild taste.  I also enjoyed the breaded chicken with parmesan.  It was crispy and the parmesan was just at the right amount to give it flavor but not so much to make it too salty.
Jumpin' Jambalaya
Jumpin' Jambalaya (? Price not in their menu)
The Jumpin' Jambalaya had a lot of ingredients such as shrimps, chicken, sausage and ham.  This was very flavorful.  It was a Filipino version of a pasta because it is sweet like Pinoy-style Spaghetti.  
Extra Thin Pizza
thin crust piza
Buddha’s Feast
I was expecting Uno's extra thin pizza to be crispy like Shakey's or MJ's but instead their version was chewy and saucy.

Four Cheese Pizza
Four Cheese Pizza 10" (292 php)
uno seafood pizza
Uno's Seafood Pizza
I enjoyed this the most.  I love the shrimp and calamari.  Uno's pizza had the right dough thickness.  It tasted like quality wheat pizza and it was soft and chewy.

Bigger Better Pizza
Four Seasons pizza
Four Seasons 16" (699 php)
I was able to try out two out of four flavors: West Side Shrimp Pesto, Tandoori Chicken Mango, Uno’s White Pizza, and Ruby Ribs.  The first one was the West Side Shrimp Pesto.  Since I loved shrimps, I enjoyed chewing them together with the other ingredients as they were fresh, soft and tasty.  The second was Uno's White Pizza that had a garlic cheese taste.  I liked it!  

Their menu also contained Deep Dish Pizza.  I am a fan of those.  Too bad we didn't get to try it.  Have you tried it?  

Grills and Sizzles
Uno's Chicken BBQ
Uno's Chicken BBQ (? Price is not on menu)
Uno's Chicken BBQ was very saucy, rich and sweet in flavor.  It's best eaten with rice.  

Ruby Ribs
Ruby Ribs
The Ruby Ribs is Uno Pizzeria's specialty dish.  Unfortunately, I was not able to try this.  But, my companions has expressed positive remarks for the Ruby Ribs.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Uno Pizzeria Ristorante Bar serves fusion dishes.  Their selections were mostly Italian and American adapted to the Filipino taste.  I noticed that the non-pizza dishes were made to be sweet.  For their pizza, I enjoyed the thicker ones than the extra thin crust just because I am accustomed to thin crust pizzas to be crispy.  In terms of flavor, their pizza selections have lived up to their pride as a Pizzeria.  The ingredients were fresh and served at a generous amount.  Their prices are a bit higher than casual pizza and pasta diners.  Considering its also a bar perhaps its food prices are adjusted with a certain premium like other bars with no entrance fees.   Uno Pizzeria Ristorante Bar is an excellent hang out place for friends and workmates. 

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Uno Pizzeria Ristorante Bar 
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Uno Pizzeria Ristorante Bar
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Budget/Person 250-500
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