Paris Delice: Cozy French Fastfood in the Midst of the Busy City of Makati

In the midst of the busy City of Makati is a humble and cozy French fast food restaurant named Paris Delice.  It is located among the tall buildings, bars, restaurants where employees can easily stop over everyday.
paris delice 

Paris Delice is marked by its Mini Eiffel Tower Structure.  According to the signage posted on its glass doors, it is offers Free WiFi spot and it also delivers in the Makati Area.  

paris delice
Like in Paris, you cannot smoke inside the cafes so there is an outdoor area.  Despite being outside, there is a shrub blocking the view from the street so you still have your privacy.

Paris Delice is a self-service style of restaurant by paying your orders at the counter.  It has a cold storage for its desserts, salads, dressings, organic yoghurt, fresh juices and other beverages.  They also offer two kinds of hot soup.  While we were dining, we actually saw a lot of foreigners who comes in to get what they want, pay at the counter and leave.  They already know what to get and what to do so I'm guessing they are all regulars.

paris delice
Paris Delice has a clean white look with French paintings for sale and photographs of their tempting food items hanged on its walls.  

Food Offerings
praline de paris

paris delice patries
According to Chef Alfredo Peralta, the ingredients for their pastries and also some prepared bread are imported from Paris.  Its pastries are authentic French because they are using the same flour as other French restaurants.
paris delice fresh juice
The drinks here are fresh which is something rare to come by.  

paris delice organic salad
The desserts look delicious don't they?  Hopefully I'll get to taste some of them on my next visit.

paris delice salad
Paris Delice package their salads in large see-through containers so you can check out how rich they are with ingredients.  

organic yoghurt
Paris Delice uses organic vegetables and milk sources from our local organic farms.  Wow the raspberry vinaigrette looks delicious!

Food We Ordered
The food we tried was a courtesy of Openrice Eats a Date and Paris Delice so we were served samplers which are not same size if ordered.  
Tartiflette Panini, Classique Panini Legumes Roti Panini and Salad Verte
The Tartiflette Panini is composed of a Tartiflette, Bacon, Onion, Reblechon Cheese.  It's my first time to encounter a Tartfiflette and would certainly like to taste it more in the future.  Classique Panini contains some Parma Ham, Mozzarella Cheese, Tomatoes and Pesto.  Everything goes well together.  I love it!  The Legumes Roti Panini is also delicious with its Roasted Vegetables, Feta cheese and Mozzarella.  I enjoyed the Salad Verte with vinaigrette and caramelize walnut.  The light vinaigrette was complemented by the tasty caramelize walnut.

pulet au pistou
Poulet Au Pistou (half order)
The Poulet Au Pistou was a pasta with slices of chicken breasts and dried julienned tomatoes in pesto sauce.  The pesto sauce was light in taste but complimented by the chicken and the dried tomatoes, it was perfect.
mini tarts
Mini Choco Banana Tart and Mini Lemon Tart
The Mini Choco Banana Tart was chocolate syrup with slices of banana.  I found the Mini Choco Banana Tart too sweet.  I loved the Mini Lemon Tart.   The light tangy lemon taste was contrasted by the caramelized sugar on top.  The texture was smooth too.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Paris Delice offers quality food with the best ingredients.  It has selections of high quality cheese, freshest organic vegetables and more.  Because of their high-quality, imported and organic ingredients, prices may be higher than average.  I noticed that some of its menu items comes in sets to offer more savings to their customers.   On the other hand, Paris Delice beverages are priced similar to popular coffee shops but we'd recommend you get your drinks here as much as you can because its guaranteed to be fresh.   But, Paris Delice usually just offers coffee in the morning.  Considering that they offer FREE WiFi with quality food, it is the perfect business meeting and hang out place.

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Paris Delice
Business Address
1 Juno Street corner Makati Avenue, 1209 Manila, Philippines
Business Hours 7am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 150-350
Contact (02) 798 0740
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