Mr. Choi Kitchen: My Favorite Chinese MSG-Free Restaurant (Robinson's Place Manila)

I guess you would not find it surprising for me as a Tsinoy (Filipino-Chinese) to love Chinese food.  One of my favorite casual dining restaurants is Mr. Choi Kitchen at Robsinson's Place Manila.  Whenever I am left home along and I am too lazy to prepare a meal, I would always invite Kurt to go to Mr. Choi Kitchen.  Sometimes, I also dine there with the family.

mr choi kitchen robinsons placer manila

mr choi kitchen manila

Mr. Choi Kitchen has a simple ambiance embedded with Chinese influence.  The place seemed to be follow a brown and orange color pattern.  It has wooden tables paired with wooden chairs with orange cushions.  Like any typical Chinese Restaurant, you get to hear the chatting sound from the nearby tables.  During weekend peak hours, you'll see tables being filled up and waiters scrambling to deliver the orders.


hot and sour soup
 Hot & Sour Soup (75 php)
As a frequent customer, I already know what I want without looking at the menu.  I always order the Hot & Sour Soup.  It is actually one of my favorite soups.  Mr. Choi Kitchen's Hot & Sour Soup is delicious.  It has no extra ingredients compared to other restaurants.  But, they are consistently able to balance the hotness and sourness.  

wanton soup
Wanton Soup (75 php)
My sister was not feeling well that day so we ordered her a Wanton Soup.  It was good like the typical wanton soup.  The taste was just right and not overwhelming with spices.

seafood with nori tofu soup
Seafood with Nori & Tofu Soup (75 php)
The Seafood with Nori & Tofu Soup is a seafood broth based soup with tofu, mushrooms, nori (seaweed), shrimp and vegetables.  It is quite flavorful and soothing.

Healthy Dishes
beancurd with mushroom
Soft Beancurd w/ Mix Mushrooms (185 php)
My family is a fan of beancurd and mushrooms so naturally, we ordered the Soft Beancurd w/ Mix Mushrooms.  Like most dishes at Mr. Choi Kitchen, the orders are good for sharing so its best to come dine there in groups.  The Soft Beancurd w/ Mix Mushrooms is very delicious.  The beancurd is really soft and smooth.  It also had a generous amount of mushrooms.   It has my favorite thick sauce composed of oyster sauce and starch.  
fresh scallop brocolli
Fresh Scallop w/ Broccoli (260 php)
Every Chinese I know loves scallops.  We love dishes with scallops even when they are simple like Mr. Choi Kitchen's Fresh Scallop w/ Broccoli.  We were happy with the soft scallops.  It was delicious!  Of course, the broccoli is an excellent source of vitamin C and I'd love to eat them too.  

Fried Rice and Rice Toppings
fookien fried rice
 Fookien Fried Rice (210 php)
The Fookien Fried Rice is my favorite fried rice.  I can apply the famous Filipino advertisement line "Just the rice is already a viand" ("Kanin palang ulam na") with the Fookien Fried Rice.  I love Mr. Choi Kitchen's Fookien Fried Rice because the are very generous with the thick sauce and the ingredients.  It has a lot of mushrooms and scallops.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mr. Choi Kitchen offers Chinese dishes at affordable price.  It's a place you can never get tired of eating at.  They have a lot of items in their menu.  You can decide the food you want to order depending on your budget.  It's best to dine at Mr. Choi Kitchen in groups because of their large order size but they have individual meals too.  

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Mr. Choi Kitchen Menu 
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Mr. Choi Kitchen
Business Address
G/F Robinsons Place Manila,
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 100-250
Contact (02) 522-4987

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