Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake

I remember when I was a child, we used to buy Häagen Dazs Green Tea Mochi at supermarkets.  Now, we visit Häagen Dazs stores for their Chocolate and Fondue Ice Cream whenever we felt like it.  It's a great way to bond with the family.  When I saw the Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake being sold at Deal Grocer, I bought one for the family.  It was suppose to be for Christmas but it was delayed because they couldn't accommodate the large demand.
haagen dazs ice cream cakehaagen dazs ice cream cake
It was delivered to us in a Häagen Dazs red cake box.  As we opened, a frozen mini was revealed with a dome cover.
haagen dazs christmas ice cream cake
Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake (1,150 php)
The  Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake was so beautiful.  Aside from the colorful blocks of flavored ice cream, it had a chocolate bow on top, a Häagen Dazs tag and cute little cream snow balls at the side. 
haagen dazs christmas ice cream cake
Häagen Dazs Christmas Cake (1,150 php)
The dark chocolate ribbons on top was delicious that everyone in the family wanted some bits of it.  The cake had three types of colorful cubes.  According to the description from Deal Grocer, they are chocolate, raspberry and mango.  I've tasted their chocolate before so it was nothing new to me.  It was as good as I remembered.  It was rich and bitter-sweet.  My favorite among the three flavors was the raspberry.  I loved its fragrant and tangy taste.  Unlike the creamy chocolate, the raspberry and the mango had sherbet-like texture.  The mango does not taste like our sweet local carabao mangoes.  Instead, it was similar to peaches. All flavors blended very well.  The raspberry and mango was a bit tangy but it was countered by the rich chocolate.  The best part was its crunchy chocolate cereal crust at the bottom.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake was really worth it.  The delivery was pretty good except for the delay.  The packaging was professionally made.  We receiving the cake frozen and in beautiful shape.  We loved every bit of the Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake.  Now, we can't wait to try out variants of Häagen Dazs Christmas Ice Cream Cake!

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