Cafe Republiq: Birthday Dinner and Chitchat (Closed)

Resorts World Manila Newport Mall is a haven for a world class casino, cinema theaters, botiques, bars and dining places.  Because the place was quite distant from our place, we don't usually dine here.  I recall my first time we've visited Newport Mall, we dined at Mr. Kurosawa and visited play around at the casino just for fun.   

cafe republiq

I'm sure you've all heard of Republiq Club.  Well, just below it is the Cafe Republiq.  From its outside, it looks intimidating isn't it?
cafe republiq

cafe republiq
I've always passed by Cafe Republiq and viewed it from the outside but its actually my first time to dine here.  Perhaps, if it weren't for my uncle's birthday treat, I wouldn't have tried this place out.  There is a bar with a showcase of bottle of wines at the end.  The place was dimly lit with tall lampshades between black elegant couches and candle lights in each marbled table top.  The interiors gave a cozy impression with European influence.
republiq salad
Republiq Salad
The Republiq Salad was delicious with thin slices of apples, chunks of gorgonola cheese, dried cranberries, bits of smoked bacon and almond dressed with apple vinaigrette.  These was served with generous amount of fresh green romaine lettuces.

Main Dishes
deep fried chicken
Master Chang's deep fried chicken secret spicy sauce & white sauce (385 php)
We all agreed that this the Master Chang's deep fried chicken secret spicy sauce & white sauce was served in generous proportions.  Thus, this is good for sharing.  The chicken was crispy and the sauce was not very spicy.  I think the sauce is black vinegar based.  It was my first time to try fried chicken with that kind of sauce.  It was worth the try.

beer battered fish and chips
Beer Battered fish & chips, lemon tartar sauce & malt vinegar (310 php)
The  Beer Battered fish & chips, lemon tartar sauce & malt vinegar are large dory fillets.  It was tender and juicy.  It was pretty good especially with the tartar sauce and malt vinegar.  We were served fries instead of chips because the chips was not available.  Too bad we didn't get to try their chips.

us beef pot roast
U.S. beef Pot roast in mushroom sauce & soft mashed potatoes (380 php)
The U.S. beef Pot roast in mushroom sauce & soft mashed potatoes was delicious.  The soft, tender and juicy beef complemented with mushroom sauce was delightful to eat.

This is our first time to try a pot roast.  Here in Manila, a roast beef is more common than a pot roast.  While roast beef is cooked dry with sauce on the side, the pot roast is cooked in liquid.

Grill Specials
With their grill specials, you choose get to choose your preferred sauce and side dishes that will go along your side dish.

us angus minute steak
us angus minute steak
U.S. Angus Minute Steak (10 oz.) (460php)
us angus minute steak
U.S. Angus Minute Steak (10 oz.) (460php)
All the guys in the family obviously ordered the U.S. Angus Minute Steak (10 oz.).  There was a mistake in our order though.  The waiter delivered an extra U.S. Angus Minute Steak (10 oz.).   Taking into consideration that the waiter might be ask to shoulder the mistaken order, my cousin told the waiter we'll just have it instead.  So, we shared the extra order over all of us.  The  U.S. Angus Minute Steak  was served hot of the grill.  It was tender and juicy as the usual U.S. Angus beef steak should be.

salmon fillet
Salmon Fillet (380 php)
I was the only one who preferred fish over meat.  The Salmon Fillet was nothing special in taste.  It was lightly seasoned and the texture was just right.  I was unimpressed with the quality of the rice.  As you can see, it was dry.  I'm sure with their pricing, they could have afforded to provide for a better grade of rice.

chocolate souffle cake
Warm chocolate souffle cake with vanilla ice cream & chocolate ganache (170 php)
The  Warm chocolate souffle cake with  vanilla ice cream & chocolate ganache was delicious!  The bitter sweet chocolate soufle cake goes well with the vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache.  I loved this the most!
new york cheesecake
New York style cheesecake & homemade blueberry sauce (160 php)
The New York style cheesecake & homemade blueberry sauce was pretty good.  The taste and texture of the cheesecake was just right.  The homemade blueberry sauce was nothing special though.  I couldn't even tell what's different about it from the rest I've tried.
apple crisps
Apple crisp, caramel sauce, toasted almonds & ice cream (180 php)
The Apple crisp, caramel sauce, toasted almonds & ice cream was okay.  It was my first time to try this type of dessert and I didn't like it.  It was too sweet for my taste because of the caramel sauce.  I would have liked it more if it tasted more of cinnamon than being too sweet.

For drinks, I ordered Lemonade.  It was pretty good.  It had the natural sweetness and tanginess of fresh lemons.  Not too bland nor was it too sweetened.
After dinner, we each had a cup of their  Cappuccino while chatting with each other.  I was disappointed with their Cappuccino.  I'm not even sure if its brewed.

birthday sparklers

birthday cake
Since its my uncle's birthday, we were all entertained by the enthusiastic and cheerful birthday song of the waiter while presenting a slice of birthday cake lighted up with birthday candle sparklers.  The complimentary cake was Newyork Cheesecake same as the once we previously ate but without the blueberry syrup.  Their effort was pretty noteworthy don't you think?

Like all restaurants in Newport Mall, don't forget to show your Resort World membership card to avail a discount.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Cafe Republiq's ambiance makes it a great hang out with family and friends in between shopping or partying.  Although the grilled selection at Cafe Republiq is good and reasonably priced.  But, there is nothing special in them either.  Although, their serving size is generous for the non-grilled selections, their prices are still expensive.  Overall,  Cafe Republiq is worth the try when you're in the area and you're willing to shell out some cash just to try their food.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating
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Cafe Republiq  Menu

Cafe Republiq
Business Address
2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11:30am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 380-550
Contact (0917) 550-8888

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