4 Kitchen Lessons that I Learned the Hard Way

Cooking is one of those activities that I will always enjoy, no matter how old I am. So even if I am already elderly, I think that I will still be getting involved with the cooking in my household. Whether it’s with preparation, the actual cooking or cleanup, the kitchen will always be a part of the places in my home where I find my solace.

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Growing up, I didn’t learn to cook from anyone. I simply experimented on techniques and dishes that I wanted to taste. I never thought it would be important for me to learn cooking from a real class so I did things my own way. Needless to say, I went through a number of cuts and bruises from the kitchen. Even if they have left a scar, I like to think of them as marks that show who I truly am.

Here are 4 kitchen lessons that I learned the hard way:

#1- Learn to Hold Your Knife Properly

One of the most important things I learned was to hold the knife properly. This can help a lot as it helps avoid cuts on the hand. Needless to say, my deep scars were because I carelessly held the knife. This was when I was first learning to cook and prepare dishes on my own. Back then, I didn’t know how to hold the knife correctly so it often slid to my finger. Always remember that being in the kitchen is not a game (although there are games that are set in the kitchen like cooking games, and you should take objects such as the knife more seriously.

#2- Clean as You Go, Always

Another lesson I learned is to clean my work area as often as possible. This meant that if I no longer needed to use an ingredient, I should store it back to its right place. By doing this, I get to free more space in my countertop to allow me to move easier. In addition, it is better to clean things this way.

#3- First In, First Out

When it comes to using ingredients, especially raw ones, I like to follow the rule ‘First in, First out.’ This means that whatever you put in first, should be the one you remove first too. Even if you are fond of restocking your ingredients, you need to remove the oldest one in your pantry. I learned that by doing this, you can avoid spoiling ingredients. Remember this mantra and apply it all kinds of foods, especially the expensive ones.

#4- Have a Glass of Ice Cold Water with You

Especially when you’re baking or cooking, you need to have cold water with you. This is because the heat from the stove can be too much to bear. In order to relieve yourself from the heat, it is recommended that you drink water.

These lessons are the ones I learned from my years in the kitchen. Cooking is pretty easy to do actually, if you'll just follow your heart. Now that you know these tips, you can easily avoid making the same mistake I went through. Thus, your kitchen experience can be an enjoyable one.

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