Jacob's Shawarma: The Best Turkish Shawarma in Ortigas Center (Relocated)

Hidden in the midst of the commercial buildings of Ortigas District is a hole-in-the-wall diner called "Jacob's Shawarma".   Jacob's Shawarma is owned by Jacob Cortes, a Turkish model who was one of the hottest Cosmo Bachelors in 2008.  Yes!  He is the handsome guy in the Jacob's Shawarma logo and on the menu.
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The place is clean and simple perfect for a casual hang out with workmates and friends on any time of the day.   Aside from the cashier's counter, you can view through the kitchen and watch as your food is being prepared.

jacobs shawarma

jacobs shawarma wall
White wall where visitors can write their personal messages.
12 inch shawarma
12- Inch Beef and Lamb Shawarma (200 php) 
beef and lamb shawarma
Beef and Lamb Shawarma
The shawarma they serve is Turkish shawarma also called doner as differentiated from the Persian shawarma which is more easily available here in the Philippines.  This Turkish shawarma has a lemon sauce unlike the Yogurt Sauce and Hot sauce in the Persian shawarma.  Despite being 12-inch long, the Beef and Lamb Shawarma's pita is crunchy in every part since they are equally grilled by using an electric griller.   A single bite on the Beef and Lamb Shawarma gives you the perfect sensation from its crisp pita, chewy juicy tasty beef and lamb meat to the aromatic taste of the herbs, tomatoes and onions.  

ice tea mint
Home-Made Ice Tea Mint (50 php) and Yogurt Drink (50 php)
The Home-Made Ice Tea Mint is delicious and refreshing.  It gives a unique cool taste that lingers in your taste buds.  We really loved this drink and will surely order it again on our next visit.

The Yogurt drink was a bit tangy and not too sweet.  However, it was too watery so the yogurt taste was very mild.  Personally, I prefer a yogurt drink which is richer and thicker. 

Update December 3, 2019: Jacob's Shawarma has moved to two new locations:
1. Levi Mariano Avenue, Ususan, Taguig City
2.San Joaquin, Pasig City

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Jacob's Shawarma
Business Address
115 Unit AIC Grande Tower, Sapphire Rd. 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Business Hours
24 Hours
Service ChargeNone
(02) 227-7686