One Zo Tapioca Milk Tea 丸作食茶: Memorable Flavored Pearls (Banawe Quezon City)

It's been a more than a month since the lock down.  It made us miss the times which seemed like usual and ordinary.  I recall the last time the family randomly stopped over for One Zo Tapioca Milk Tea 丸作食茶.

One Zo Tapioca Milk Tea 丸作食茶 

Side Story
With so much time, I didn't feel like blogging until now.  The urge to blog had sparked from a strange yet vivid dream where all the nostalgic moments (that I blog) of places I've explored, dishes I've tried and expensive things I've bought were in the form of bright orbs that were absorbed by my soul and compromised who I am.  It reminded me of how much I love this game of blogging where I get to test myself each time I make an entry on (1) how present I was at that moment and (2) how well I can replay that precise moment in my mind. 
One Zo Banawe
Because we don't have any eat outs, it's so easy to recall that drizzling milk tea Sunday.  While on our way home from my cousin's spa opening,  my sisters were looking at the milk tea stores around Banawe one by one. One Zo Tapioca Milk Tea 丸作食茶 got our attention and we all agreed that it was the one we wanted to have.  Some of us have not tried it so it was the perfect opportunity since this branch had no lines at that time.

One Zo Best Seller
I told my mom I'd treat her but she said that she wasn't in the mood for it since we just came from a heavy Chinese lauriat lunch.  My sister and I went on ahead to the store to purchase.  The "It's a MATCH" from its Top 5 Drinks appealed to me the most.  My little sister, on the other hand, ordered the "Taro Delight". 
One Zo the art of milk tea
After we made our order, someone ordered 20 or more milk teas.  Then, my mom and siblings called us to order for them too.  What luck right?  We decided to spend our time taking photos while waiting. 

tapioca making machine 
It also allowed me to observe a tapioca making machine for the first time.  One Zo is famous for making its own pearls.  The pearls are special as they were flavored pearls.

one zo milk tea
It's a MATCH L (165 php) and Taro Delight L (130 php)
We all enjoyed our drinks.  I liked the It's a MATCH very much.  The matcha flavor was just right.  I wouldn't be bothered if it was a bit stronger.  Yet, the subtlety was appreciated in this instance since it was complemented by its specialty pearls. 

one zo its a match
It's a MATCH L (165 php)
All its flavored pearls delivered a consistent pleasurable chewy texture.  The sweetness of the flavored pearls varies so you have to try them out and see what you like.  Since One Zo introduces special flavored pearls of the day, it somehow increases the chance of you trying out a new flavored pearl in each visit. 

Quarantine Tip: One Zo is open for delivery through GrabFood, foodpanda and Lalafood.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We all love novel ideas.  Novelty makes anything easier to remember.  Hence, you can be assured that One Zo Tapioca Milk Tea 丸作食茶's novelty flavored pearls will grant you a fun and memorable milk tea with pearl experience in every visit. 

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OneZo Tapioca Milk Tea 丸作食茶
Business Address Banawe
779-A Banawe Street, Santa Mesa Heights, Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Food Court, Ground Floor, Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City,
Metro Manila
Business Hours 12 pm - 10:30 pm
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Budget/Person 100-200
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Contact (0925) 510-0096

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