CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가): Newest Samgyupsal Place in Malate

There are so many restaurants in Malate in various scales and sizes.  Naturally, one with a big bright sign like CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가) will certainly stand out especially at night. 

CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga 청춘연가
Because of the its effective signage, we were able discover that CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga  (청춘연가)  is the best BBQ brand in Korea with around 358 restaurants all over the country.  It is relatively new here though.  It only opened it pioneer branch in Quezon City last November 2019.  And, this Malate branch its second branch. 

CCYG unli samgyup menuChung Choon Yeon Ga menu
All for 499 php, you can get choose among CCYG's pork, beef and specialty side dishes.  Since we came in a big group occupying two table and it is its policy that when one goes for unlimited, all have to go too.  We all went for the unlimited.  After all the unlimited rate is worth only two ala carte dish. 

Specialty Side Dishes
Chung Choon Yeon Ga banchan
Rice Ball, Tteok-Bokki, Jap-chae and assorted Ban Chan
Because the Specialty Dishes comes for free, no pressure if you don't eat all of them.  In fact, just try the Rice Ball and Tteok-Bokki.  The rest was disappointing. 

seafood jeon
Seafood Jeon
Okay, the Seafood Jeon is too big too ignore.  Better have a tasting portion of this too. 

 charcoal grill
The key to a quality grilled meat is to make use of charcoal. 

charcoal griller
CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga takes the grilling process seriously.  The charcoals have top be hot enough and it is also refilled if needed.

Chung Choon Yeon Ga meatsChung Choon Yeon Ga plates
You can order a three-layer tray at a time.  We tried our best of have more trays so we could justify the unlimited price of 499 php.  In the end, we only managed to order 1 three-layer tray per person. 

doejang beef belly
Beef Belly and Doenjang Beef Belly
As expected from a reputable brand, CCYG has covered all the popular taste preferences and meat cuts.

samgyupsal with cheese dip
Cream Cheese and Mozarella Dip
It even has the unlimited cheese dip.

cheese dip refill
Cream Cheese and Mozarella Dip
Upon request for refill, the server only pour us the Cream Cheese.  We had to request for some mozzarella cheese to be sprinkled too.  

charcoal grilled egg
Charcoal Grilled Egg
When all the meat and cheesiness gets overbearing, this charcoal grilled egg will refresh your palate.  This is unlimited too.

Samgyupsal Wraps
 You can also ask for a refill of the fresh lettuce and sliced garlic.

Doenjang Beef Belly Cuts
We enjoyed grilling so much, we didn't even notice the grill plate being all burnt. 

Daepae Samgyupsal
But, the server noticed it and asked our permission to change it into a clean one.

The servers are so attentive and well-trained.

grilling plate collector
They even have a grilling plate tray ready to replace burnt grilled plates anytime. 

Grape Shake
Grape Slush (50 php)
We ordered the Grape Slush as we needed something cool and sweet to comfort the taste buds from all the savoriness.  But, we couldn't take more than a sip of this.  It was so sweet that it was so painful to the throat.   
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가) definitely has what it takes to be the leading Korean BBQ chain in South Korea and even here in Manila too.  We're eager to see how prominent it can go.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가) Menu
Ambiance N/A
=Favorites or Recommended 
CCYG Chung Choon Yeon Ga (청춘연가)
Business Address Quezon City
Ground Floor, Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato Avenue Corner Scout Madrinan Street, South Triangle, Quezon City, Metro Manila

525 Remedios St. Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-2am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 500-800
Free WiFi No


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