Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room: Asian Fusion at Its Finest at Ayala Malls the 30th (Ortigas Pasig)

On a supposedly ordinary work day, I invited my workmates to have a dinner at Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room at Ayala Malls the 30th.

toast asian kitchenWhy you may ask?  Well, there are some days when I go home from work feeling drained.  But, I do hope that that isn't most of my days so I find ways to chill, relax and recharge.  

toast asian kitchen
A visit to Toast after work hours is one way to achieve that.  Among the hundreds of dining places I've been too, I don't think I've encountered one with such homey, rustic, comfortable and elegant vibe like Toast.
toast asian kitchen
Toast has an al fresco area with a coffee bar so it's like a cafe.  I find the main dining area quite exquisite with Candelabras, sofas and wooden walls and a luxurious looking mirror. 

toast asian kitchen
And since Toast is open until 12 am, there's a bar too for alcoholic beverages.  Because I really liked the interiors and feel.  This is one of the rare moments that we rate a restaurant with a 5-star for ambiance!  

home dumplings
 Home Dumplings (169 php)
The Home Dumplings  are not ordinary dumplings.  The filling is a combination of two kinds of minced meat: pork and beef making it rich in meaty goodness and so succulent.  

 Salpicao (459 php)
A must try it their Salpicao.  The flavor is bold with a definitive garlic accent.  What I like most about this is that despite being huge and chunky beef cubes, it was so tender and easy to chew.  Every cube was also evenly cooked.  Good job!

 Chicken Soft Bone (48 php),  Chicken Gizzard (59 php) and ♥ Chicken Tail (59 php)
I've been to many authentic Japanese restaurants just for Yakitori. And, I must say this beats most of them especially the Chicken Soft Bone.  It was in the middle ground between crunchy and soft.

Mains Pasta
japanese carbonara
 Japanese Carbonara (345 php)
I have always been biased towards red sauce pasta.  Thus, I am rarely swooned by Carbonaras.  But, wow I really liked Toasts' Japanese Carbonara that I even volunteered to finish this big bowlful.

Mains Beef
baby back ribs
 Ribstock (888 php)
Just to be clear, the Ribstock  isn't the fall of the bone kind of ribs.  It's tender but hangs on the bone with a nice chewiness as you pull it out.  The BBQ and sesame sauce is probably inspired by my favorite Korean dish called Galbi Jim.  If only this wasn't so heavy, I would have eaten more.

Mains Pork
 Charsiu on Scallion Fried Rice (595 php)
The Charsiu on Scallion Fried Rice is not the char siu I grew up having.  Char Siu is a Cantonese way of cooking pork barbecue.  It is usually lean and dry.  But, this one has an irresistible fat portion and the meat was so moist and pillow soft.  I loved this more than the usual Char Siu

Mains Poultry & Seafood
orange chicken
Orange Chicken (438 php)
Served with a cup of plain rice (good for sharing!), the Orange Chicken is the tastiest among our orders.  If you like sweet and citrusy dishes, then this will make you eat more rice!

Matcha Frozen Brazo
We were very surprised at the huge serving size.  If you think about it, the portion size makes the pricing reasonable.  We were so stuffed we thought we didn't have space for dessert... until we saw the Matcha Frozen Brazo.  I've missed the Frozen Green Tea  Brazo de Mercedes of Ma Maison which closed down years ago.  Never thought I'd encounter one like it again.  In fact when it comes to brazo, this one is way better because all the layers are heavenly!  The fluffy top layer, the strong flavor of green tea ice cream, the custard ice cream and the soaked sponge crust all create a wonderful harmony.

iced tea

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Toast Asian Kitchen & Tasting Room has really exceeded my expectations.  I enjoyed the concept, the food quality and the interiors.  If only this was nearer to my home or office, I would see this place as my frequent meeting place, dating venue, after-work chill out and a superb venue for family celebrations.  The food serving is great for sharing so its best to visit this place with company.  And with the cozy ambiance, I'm sure your guests will enjoy your company and the comforts of the place.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Toast Asian Kitchen Menu
Ambiance ★★★★ Starters | Starters 2 | Salad | Soup
O-Tori | Mains Pasta | Mains Beef
Mains Pork | Mains Poultry & Seafood
 Sides | Kids
Taste ★★★
Service ★★
Price ★★
=Favorites or Recommended 
Toast Asian Kitchen
Business Address Ayala 30th 30 Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-12am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 300-1,000
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 246-9069 ext. 592
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