My Gelato Making Experience with Miko Aspiras and Carte D'Or Philippines

Last week, I was invited to partake in a Basic Gelato Making Class with Chef Miko Aspiras.  This is part of the debut of Carte D'Or in the Philippines.

carte dor philippines

We're so lucky that UK's Number 1 Premium Ice Cream Brand Carte D'Or will be available in the Philippines by May 23, 2017. Although it has a dominant presence in Europe such as in Italy, France, Russia, Brazil, and Turkey, we are the very first country to have it in the Southeast Asian region. 

carte dor philippines
So what distinguishes Carte D'Or from other brands? 

carte dor philippinescarte dor philippines
According to Carte D’Or Brand Manager Earl Keh, "Carte D’Or Gelato was crafted with the idea of offering something that’s more than just ice cream. We take pride in sourcing from only the best, no matter where it takes us: from Australian butter to pistachios harvested from South Australia and California; from Belgian chocolate to hazelnuts grown in Turkey...

carte dor philippines
Each pint of Carte D’Or Gelato is crafted using real cream from Australia.  Using real cream not only gives gelato its creamier texture but also its pure, clean taste."

carte dor philippines
So you see, the process of making a gelato is basic.  But, it is the ingredients that they use that gives it raises its above the rest.

carte dor philippines
As you can see, it has a rich, creamy and smooth texture.

carte dor philippines
Then, mixed with the finest ingredients. 

Watch the video on how we did it!

carte dor philippines
Carte D’Or Gelato will launch with four flavors:  PistachioSalted Caramel, Double Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut.

carte dor philippines

Love how bittersweet the Double Chocolate is.  But, it is still the Pistachio that won my heart.

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