The Cafe: Aunt's Birthday Dinner at Hyatt City of Dreams (Parañaque City)

For my dear aunt's 60th birthday, she invited the family to celebrate her birthday dinner at The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams

the cafe hyatt city of dreams
Since it was out first time to try, we didn't know that it involves passing through the casino.  But, if you're bringing food items like the cake we brought you have to take the longer route avoiding the casino area.

the cafe hyatt city of dreams
The dining area is divided into several sections.  Each with a different setting.  We enjoyed the exclusivity of having our two long tables in this exquisite area which for me is the best among the rest.  

Food Stations

Bread Station
bread station
They have a lot of food stations.  And, most of them are beautifully arranged.

Salad Station
salad station

Japanese Sushi Bar
japanese sushi bar
Our favorite station is the Japanese Sushi Bar.  

I think we ordered so much of the Aburri that the staffs got a bit overwhelmed.

Appetizer Station 
smoked head cheese

the cafe hyatt

My cousin Ton got this for me from the appetizer chiller because he thought it would be photogenic for my IG feed.  Yes, that's how thoughtful and supportive my family is.

Dimsum Station
dimsum station
The Chefs Are So Coordinated Even With their Photo Stance
When the chefs saw my camera, everyone automatically made this pose so I just had to take this shot.

dimsum display
We were bursting in laughter because my cousin Ton almost got some of these display with his chopsticks and one of the chefs approached him to let him know that it was just a display.

Japanese Station
japanese station
Unfortunately, we were so stuffed with the Aburri so we didn't have any belly space for these.

Chinese Roast Station
chinese roast station
The Peking Duck was a bit dried and it lack oomph.  I usually eat a lot of the Pecking Duck Wraps but this is one of the rare moments that I didn't.

Fried Station
tempura station
The Ebi Tempura is delicious!  They are freshly cooked and immediately refilled.

the cafe hyatt city of dreams
To our astonishment, they have Foie Gras but it is hardly noticed by the guests.

foie gras
But, you can't eat much of the Foie Gras because it comes with a slice of bread.

the beast mayura wagyu beef
Chefs are really camera friendly!

Save space for "The Beast" Mayura Wagyu BeefI really loved it but some of my family members complained that it was tough.  I guess I was lucky that the parts I  had was pillow soft. 

the cafe city of dreams
 I regret trying all of these... Skip by all means!

roasted german duck
Roasted German Duck
Everyone was intrigued by the Roasted German Duck.  Well, it isn't as tender and juicy as I wanted but it is certainly better than the Peking Duck.

baked trevally
Baked Trevally with Chimichurri
Mom was lucky enough to spot the Baked Trevally with Chimichurri freshly cooked and placed on this serving platter.  She said it was so good!  But, by the time I got some, it was not as hot and juicy so I felt that it wasn't as good as my mom raved about it.

Italian Station
italian station
Baked Salmon is a must try!
italian station

I had high hopes for their Risotto but it ended up in an utter disappointment because the rice isn't even cooked.

grana cheese
Grana Padano

This is another reason why I ordered my Risotto.

Dessert Station

the cafe hyatt

The longest part of the buffet is the dessert station.  They have cakes, chocolate truffles, chocolate fountain and even Filipino delicacies.

Crepe Station

There's also crepes with tons of toppings and fillings to choose from.  And, they have mini doughnuts placed on paper bags ready for grab.

milk shakesmilk shakes

Rather than going for their soft served ice cream, do try their Milk Shakes.

chocolate fondant

chocolate fondant
Chocolate Fondant

When if comes to sweet ender, don't miss out on trying their Chocolate Fondant.  This is rich glorious chocolate comfort food at its finest.

Fruit Station 
fruit station

I know this is difficult to believe but my uncles and aunts who are senior citizens was able to resist the Dessert Station and opted to go for the Fruit Station instead.  Boo hoo!

drinks station
Sweetened Pandan, Sweetened Lemongrass and Ginger / Cucumber
We're glad that aside from Iced Tea, there are other Infused Drinks included. 

birthday surprise
The service is superb as well.  They even had a surprise cake for my aunt.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams offers an expensive hotel buffet.  Is it worth it?  I think only if you would like to indulge yourself with Aburri, Foie Gras and "The Beast" Mayura Wagyu Beef.  Service-wise, I'd give it a perfect score.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating The Cafe Rate
Ambiance Weekend Dinner: 2,800 ++
=Favorites or Recommended 
The Cafe at Hyatt City of Dreams
Business Address Belle Avenue, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila, Entertainment City, Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Business Hours 6am-11:30pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 2,000-3,000
Free WiFi Yes
Contact (02) 691-1234
Other  Website (they have online reservation but no rates)
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Rock & Seoul: New Year New Korean Eats (SM North Edsa The Block)

I'm a huge fan of bibimbap.   I've come across Rock & Seoul for quite some time but never had the time to go until I was invited last week.

rock and seoul
Having been to SM North several times, it has occurred to me that this is the first time I've been to the Upper Ground Level of SM North the Block.  I had no idea that there are a lot of food places there.  Rock & Seoul is just one of the many among them.  And, it is located just in front of SM Hypermart.

rock and seoul
There's no place as spacious, retro and yet casual like it.

rock and seoul
I can't help but find myself amused at the displays.

rock and seoul
And, this wall stood out as soon as I entered.

rock and seoul
I can't figure what the shirts are for though.

rock and seoul
Everything seems to be in theme even their cool menu.

Tasting Sampler
rock and seoul
We were given a tasting sampler with their Big Boy La Ribs, Cheesy Fondue Chili Pepper Chicken and Ramyeon.

big boy la ribs
Big Boy La Ribs
The Big Boy La Ribs can be ordered as a set with bibimbap (499 php) or plain rice (449 php) or as ala carte (399 php).

original bibimbap
Original Bibimbap
 This is the Original Bibimbap you'll get if you choose this set.

big boy lal ribs
Big Boy La Ribs Ala Carte

 The Big Boy La Ribs was so flavorful and tender!  I wanted to swipe it clean to the bone.

unlimited banchan
Unlimited Banchan (99 php)
I'm glad they have Unlimited Banchan because I'm used to eating bibimbap with them.

Ramyeon (249 php)
The Ramyeon is a satisfying meal by itself.

rock and seoul
Cheesy Fondue Chili Pepper
Upgrade your Chili Pepper (240 php) with the Cheesy Fondue (395 php) and enjoy both crispy and creamy cheese goodness in every bite.

lychee yakult
Lychee Yakult (70 php)
For our thirst quencher, there's the Lychee Yakult.

charcoal waffle
Charcoal Waffle *sample size (185 php)
What intrigued me the most was the Charcoal Waffle.  Usually they have the vanilla or green tea ice cream as an option.  I really liked this because it wasn't sweet at all.

So there you go! Lot's of new stuff to try at Rock & Seoul.  I want to try more of their Bibimbaps on my next visit too.

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