5th Taste Modern Japanese Cuisine: Affordable Japanese Fusion Dinner (Near Wilson Addition Hills San Juan)

San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

One time I took my little sister for a tea date at Tamayaki in Addition Hills, we noticed that there was a Japanese restaurant in the second floor called 5th Taste Modern Japanese Cuisine.  

5th taste modern japanese cuisine
We didn't see the interiors in the second floor.  But, the menu on the front door at the entrance of Tamayaki gave us an idea that it was modern Japanese. 


deconstructed miso soup
Deconstructed Miso Soup (98 php)
When the Deconstructed Miso Soup was served, I had the impression that the plating was of European or French influence.  I was really impressed with the Deconstructed Miso Soup because it never imagined that a miso soup and meat floss would complement each other well.

mussels tempura
Mussels Tempura (150 php)
I was expecting something interesting with the Mussels Tempura.  Unfortunately, it failed to impress me as the batter was too thick that eve the sauce or the mussel was able to entice my appetite.

smoked mackarel maki
Smoked Mackarel Maki (150 php)
I ate a few pieces of the Smoked Mackarel Maki.  I was able to distinguish the spicy tinge in each piece but I had a hard time trying to taste the smoked mackarel.

fifth taste cheesesteak
The Fifth Taste Cheesesteak (200 php)
The The Fifth Taste Cheesesteak deliciously cheesy.  I liked that it had mozzerella aside from the cheese sauce.  Unlike the other cheese steaks with hard and crunchy buns, this one is pillow soft that my fingers sinks in as I held it.

Omurice Curry
crispy chicken curry
Crispy Chicken Curry (220 php)
I like the idea that they separately served the Crispy Chicken and the Curry Rice to assure the crispiness.  The Curry Rice is similar to the Fuwatoro Tenshin-Han of Osaka Ohsho where high quality Japanese rice is wrapped in fluffy egg omelet and gooey cheese except tthat it comes with curry sauce.  For the price, I find the quality remarkable.  But, the crispy chicken could lose a bit batter coating so we it could bring out more of the chicken meat.

kani salad pizza
Kani Salad Pizza (225 php)
My favorite dish for the night is the Kani Salad Pizza.  If had an extremely thin and crispy crust with heavy gooey cheese, kani, cucumber, carrots and Japanese Mayo. I comes with nori flakes and chili powder.  I can't figure out how they managed to make the crust so thin and crispy without any sogginess or oiliness from the cheese.

Main Course
jalapeno cream cheese onion tonkatsu
Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu (325 php)
I'd give the Jalapeno Cream Cheese Onion Tonkatsu A+ for effort with the presentation.  I also consider this dish as the tastiest among all our orders.  It had a Jalapeno cream cheese sauce with caramelize onions inside the tonkatsu.  It is served with Japanese coleslaw and Tonkatsu sauce.  I prefer this without the Tonkatsu sauce because I found it contrasting the spicy Jalapeno Cream cheese.
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
5th Taste Modern Japanese Cuisine is surprisingly cheap for its concept.  I find their pricing budget-friendly especially the pizza.  For that reason, it would be a great hang out with some company if in the area.  It offers great privacy and it has a parking area too.  But, it's not something I'd seek out and travel for. 

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5th Taste Modern Japanese Cuisine
Business Address 453 P. Guevarra Street, Santa Lucia, Addition Hills
San Juan City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-9pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 200-500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 570-7789
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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