Kebabers: Persian Cuisine for Less Than 100 Pesos (SM Manila)


I've long been seeing Kebabers so when my friends and I were looking for a budget-friendly place in SM Manila, I suggested this.

It has a very bright counter compared to the usual fast food places.  The signage and menu is well-lighted, big and really attention-catching.

It has limited selections but since it Persian Cuisine, they have something different to offer.


Upon paying for your order, they will give you a buzzer.  Once it buzzer, you have to get your order at the kitchen window on the left end of the place.  You will also have the option to choice between their two dips: Spicy and Regular Garlic Sauce.

Cheese Kebab Meal
2 pcs. Cheese Kebab Meal (99 php)
The 2 pcs. Cheese Kebab Meal has two small kebab nuggets filled with gooey melted cheddar cheese.  

The Spicy and Regular Garlic Sauce is diluted but its refillable so I dare not complain.

Shawarma Rice Bowl
Monster Beef Bowl Regular (109 php)

The Monster Beef Bowl is a bowlful of ground kebab meat with cucumbers, tomatoes and onions.  It also comes with free iced tea.  I think this is the most bang for the buck among all we ordered.

Fish Shawarma (99 php)
I wouldn't suggest the Fish Shawarma.  See how sad it looks?

Choco Fudge (59 php)
 Good thing we all had room for dessert.  We all loved the Choco Fudge.

Choco Fudge (59 php)

It is nicely chilled, rich and fudgy. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
I don't know where else you can get Persian Cuisine for Less Than 100 Pesos so that makes Kebabers a major consideration in that alley.  However, if you wouldn't mind stretching your budget, I don't think this is for you.  The serving size is not for hefty eaters like me. 

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Kebabers SM Manila
Business Address 4/F SM City Manila, Natividad Lopez St.,
Ermita, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 80-500
Free WiFi Yes (SM Free WiFi)
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0916) 555-4291
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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