Bring Your Own (BYO) Cup Day Philippines: My Cool Experience with 7-11 Victoria De Manila

Of course, we wouldn't want to miss 7-11 Philippines' Bring Your Own (BYO) Cup Day!  Check out my entry. =)  

With full promo ads posted, I asked if I can avail.

The 7-11 crew at Victoria De Manila (Taft Ave.) branch were all nice and friendly with wide smiles of welcome!  Never thought 7-11 could offer so much convenience and fun. =D

 The store manager measured my "cup".  And gave an A-OK!

 He personally helped me fill it up!
Check out my video of the experience =D

That's him the awesome cool guy!

We took pictures and I paid it on the counter.

Oh what fun at such a bargain!  Thank you so much 7-11 for #BYOCupDay and the awesome crew of 7-11 Victoria De Manila.

I even brought it home.  Check out the size. XD

This is actually my fifth attempt haha.  My little sister (a.k.a camera woman) also rode the jeepney to the nearer 7-11 Stores:
  • PCU Branch (Pedro Gil cor. Taft Branch) - 7 am: The Slurpee Barrel arrived around 6 am so it's not frozen yet.  
  • UP Manila Branch (Pedro Gil near cor. Taft Branch) - 7:05 am: Literally no Slurpee machine
  • Leon Guinto (Pedro Gil cor. Leon Guinto) 7:20 am: Slurpee here was ready but my "cup" was not allowed because they used the "MaCUPangyarihang Bilog" as a height (NOT diameter) measurement.  I asked what about all the examples which would not fit in the height measurement and they said it was only for advertising purposes. @_@
  • Pedro Gil Main St. (Pedro Gil Cor. Main St.) - 7:30 am:  We decided to go to this branch because we used to buy Slurpee here before we go to school because its Slurpee is consistently frozen every morning.  I was still really sleepy but this is woke me up because it was so funny! =)) We asked if we can avail the BYO Cup Day promo since their Slurpee is seemingly frozen and we were told that their FREE barrel hasn't been delivered yet.  So the cashier said so we should remove the stickers indicating the promo so the staffs scampered around the counter to remove the promo sticker hahahaha =D
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