Fruit Magic goes for Slow Juicing Technology for Consumer Wellness

Fruit Magic made its foot hold in the industry with its 20 years of juice expertise.  Recently, Fruit Magic has partnered with a Korean slow juicer brand named Hurom in order to provide a better consumer wellness.

fruit magic hurom
The pioneering slow juicer technology is capable of churning 90-95% nutritional value.  Before it adopted Hurom, Fruit Magic's natural juices only offered the usual 45-65% nutritional extract.  The big difference can be explain in simple terms by distinguishing blending from juicing.  By blending, the fibers with nutrients locked up are digested without the body absorbing them.  On the other hand, the juicer although slower is capable of not only by producing high fruit juice yield from the fiber but also by ensuring their consumers gain from the maximum nutritional benefits and richer flavor.

Although the lines may be longer due to the slower process, they kept in mind the benefits that Hurom will bring to their consumers.  And besides, the people will enjoy drinking their juice more after watching the healthy way their juice preparation is.  

Fruit Magic's president Escalona shares that after hearing the credibility and satisfaction from users of Hurom, they are glad that they are now using it for their stores.  To adjusted to technology and can keep up to the ever-changing market, they opted for Hurom.  It is the most innovative product that will allow them to provide the best for their customers.

The revolutionary Hurom Slow Juicer is available at Rustan’s, S & R, The Landmark, Shopwise, NumaCare, Home Shopping TV, and is distributed in the Philippines by Zinven International Corp. For more details about the Hurom Slow Juicer, visit or call telephones (02) 9267782 and 86

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