Brew-Kus: The Bev-Wich Shop in Makati

After our healthy lunch at Sugarleaf (see previous entry), we were invite to Brew-Kus for the Breakfast Magazine's Breakfast Club.  We were happily greeted by the Breakfast Magazine crew upon arrival.  We also had an advance preview of their second edition.  It was a perfect timing too because I finished the first issue already (my mom is now reading the recipes therein=p).

Brew-Kus was not made to sound like "Brutus". =p  Brew-Kus actually stands for two words: 
  • Brew
  • Cuisine - They removed the i out of cuisine and replace "C" with "K"

Brew-Kus offers a cozy and serene ambiance.  It's the perfect place to chill.  The place is mainly divided into three parts.  The first part has a coffee shop set-up, the second part is for casual dining and the third part is for fine dinning.  


Finger Bites
crisp ravioli
 Crisp Mushroom Ravioli (180 php)
I'm a huge fan of ravioli because I just love surprises!  I always find it exciting to bite through the shell of a ravioli and unleash its fillings.  But, I've never tried a deep fried crispy ravioli so it was double the thrill for me to try it out! =D 

The Crisp Mushroom Ravioli is a mix of diced shitake mushrooms and cream cheese enveloped in a between two wanton wrappers and fried until golden brown.  I loved it!  The crispiness was followed by the pleasing texture of diced mushrooms.  It was fun to munch and it was really tasty even without the dip.

Gourmet Sandwiches
grilled veg & mozzarella
 Grilled Veg & Mozzarella (250 php)
The Grilled Veg & Mozzarella is an open sandwich topped with pesto basted shitake mushrooms,  grilled eggplants, tomatoes and zucchini and melted mozzarella cheese.  It is served with a coleslaw.  Being a veggie lover, I just couldn't get enough of this!

shrimply loaded
 Shrimply Loaded (250 php)
The Shrimply Loaded is a sandwich filled with generous amount of shrimps sauteed in garlic, asparagus and mix of lettuces covered in a rich cream and parmesan.  This is so good that I think this should be marked as highly recommended in the menu along with the others. =D

Specialty Pastas
wild mushroom
Wild Mushroom (250 php)
The Wild Mushroom is a medley of diced shitake and button mushrooms and proscuitto drowning in a cream based sauce and premium truffle oil.   Initially, I enjoyed the Wild Mushroom.   But, during my latter bites, I felt that the truffle oil is too overwhelming for my sensitive taste buds.  Perhaps, it had too much truffle oil because when the Wild Mushroom was served,  all my foodie companions immediately detected the scent of it prior to tasting.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips
beer battered fish and chipsbeer battered fish and chips
Chef Shiela demonstrated to us how to make battered fish and chips.  The secret it to have a dropping consistency that is not too thick.  Upon tasting the product of her recipe, we all agreed that the coating is nicely thin and crisp.  

english tea latte
English Tea Latte Large (90 php)
I ordered my English Tea Latte with 25% sugar and nata de coco as toppings.  It was pretty good!  It's pretty competitive compared to other milk tea brands.  

brew kus tea
Assam Tea Latte and Lychee True Tea
Here's what my friends had.  They both liked it too.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Brew-Kus is a great place to munch and chill at the same time.  Their dishes are delicious!  They also have a wide range of reasonably priced beverages that are worth coming back for.  I wonder what I should try next? ;D

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